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Alfred Integration for Word Counter App - Display Latest Typing Word Counts on Mac
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Word Counter.alfredworkflow

Alfred Workflow for Word Counter App

Word Counter Alfred Workflow Screenshot

Alfred 3 workflow for Word Counter App. View your word count stats from previous days and months in Alfred and export daily stats to CSV.


Download Workflow from Packal, open and and install.

(Alternatively download workflow from github)


  • wcount - this command will pull up recent stats.
  • wcexport - export daily word count stats to CSV (example, ~/Documents/WordCounter/export.csv)
  • wchelp - access links to help and posting bugs

BONUS: Daily Popup Notification with Yesterday's Word Count

Word Counter Popup Screenshot

Want to receive a popup notification each morning with the previous day's workcount? The project contains a special file called "," and you can edit your crontab to run this script at a set time each day. Copy the file location and then follow these steps to setup your Mac's crontab schedule.

BONUS: Graphic / Chart of Previous Days Word Counter Stats

Word Counter Data Report Example

  • can be used to generate a simple graphic or or chart of your previous days' word count stats. When running the command be sure to include the number of days and target directory for the generated graphic.
  • You'll need to have installed matplotlib library which you can install with the command $ pip install matplotlib.
  • Usage: $ python NUM_DAYS TARGET_DIR like: python 7 /Users/my-user-name/Desktop/

Thanks / Acknowledgements

Releases and Versions

See CHANGELOG for more information.

To contribute

To contribute to the workflow please fork on github at


Mark Koester |

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