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Kindle EBook Clippings Parser, Data Analysis and Markdown Exporter

Part of QS Ledger

This set of scripts and notebooks allows you to parse the highlights from a kindle ebook device (like a Paperwhite), to do some simple data analysis and export individual book highlights into separate text files.

Data Analysis Example of Highlights

How to Use: Parser and Data Analysis

Review QS Ledger's Readme for more generic installation instructions.

  1. Connect your kindle ereader device to your computer and collect your "My Clippings.txt" file. Save that file into the data directory.
  2. Open kindle_clippings_parser.ipynb in jupyter notebook or jupyter labs, configure and run. This will parse your clippings file into a data frame and export it to several CSV files.
  3. For data analysis, open and run kindle_clippings_data_analysis.ipynb for a breakdown of highlights across different time dimensions.

How to Use: Markdown Text File Exporter

kindle_highlights_markdown_exporter.ipynb is an optional notebook that will generates a separate markdown file for each your books with their clippings and highlights. This can be useful for knowledge management and personal research.

To use, open the notebook and first edit export_directory reference to a local directory on your machine. Then run the notebook.

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