Yet Another Monitoring System
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YAMS - Yet Another Monitoring System

YAMS is designed to be a long term trending system capable of handling large volumes of data. It leverages other open source software such as collectd and Postgres. There are four main components: SUM, ETL, DW and WUI.

See for installation help, and the doc directory for specific use cases.

System Under Monitor (SUM)

The SUM is a system that is monitored by collectd.

Extract, Load, Transform (ETL)

The ETL is a custom built application that is specifically designed to transform collectd JSON formatted data from the collectd write_http module and load it into a relational database management system. The custon application is suite of software consisting of a FastCGI C program, an ETL C program, Web server, and Redis.

Data Warehouse (DW)

The DW is the PostgreSQL relational database management system.

Web User Interface (WUI)

The WUI is an application built on Pyramid using Flotr2.

Minimum software versions:

  • collectd 5.2
  • fcgi 2.4
  • hiredis 0.9.2
  • json-c 0.10
  • nginx 1.2
  • PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Pyramid 1.4
  • Redis 2.2
  • spawn-fcgi 1.6

A script is provided for Vagrant that will build a working system with YAMS running on it.