A vim plugin to provide access to Figwheel
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This plugin makes available the control functions defined by the Figwheel REPL as vimscript functions.

This enables you to do a few things:

Start Figwheel from vim.

  • :FigwheelStart will start the default cljsbuild.
  • :FigwheelStart dev, devcards will start the cljsbuilds defined with the "dev" and "devcards" ids.

Note the space between "dev," and "devcards" above. When specifying multiple build arguments to suitable functions they should always follow this format. For now.

FigwheelStart image

Stop Figwheel from vim.

  • :FighwheelStop will stop Figwheel autobuild

FigwheelStop image

Switch Figwheel from vim.

  • :FigwheelSwitch devcards will switch to the build defined with the "devcards" id.

FigwheelSwitch image

Clean Figwheel from vim.

  • :FigwheelClean devcards will clean the build defined with the "devcards" id.

FigwheelClean image

Get quick access to Fighwheels status in vim.

Figwheel status

Get list of Figwheel build ids in vim

FigwheelBuilds image


Install using your favourite plugin manager, I use vim-plug

Plug 'markwoodhall/vim-figwheel'


This plugin requires a Figwheel project, perhaps created with lein new figwheel, and the Fighweel version must be at least 0.5.8.

This plugin makes use of vim-fireplace so you will need to install this as well.

Plug 'tpope/vim-fireplace'

As is typical for vim-fireplace you will need a running REPL, lein repl.


The following functions are made available:

:FigwheelStart  " Starts the default Figwheel build or an optional list of builds
:FigwheelSwitch " Switch to a Figwheel build
:FigwheelClean  " Deletes compiled cljs target files for the specfied builds
:FigwheelBuild  " Builds a fighweel build once
:FigwheelBuilds " Gets a list of Figwheel build ids
:FigwheelReset  " Stops, cleans and starts Figwheel autobuild
:FigwheelStop   " Stops Figwheel autobuild
:FigwheelStatus " Gets the current state of Figwheel
:Figgieback     " Piggiebacks onto the Figwheel browser REPL

The above functions map to the control functions defined by the Figwheel REPL. You can read more here

 (stop-autobuild)            ;; stops Figwheel autobuilder
 (start-autobuild [id ...])  ;; starts autobuilder focused on optional ids
 (switch-to-build id ...)    ;; switches autobuilder to different build
 (reset-autobuild)           ;; stops, cleans, and starts autobuilder
 (build-once [id ...])       ;; builds source one time
 (clean-builds [id ..])      ;; deletes compiled cljs target files
 (fig-status)                ;; displays current state of system


Use Figwheel* commands when in a Clojure buffer, use Figgieback in a ClojureScript buffer to enable the use of Figwheels ClojureScript REPL on top of a regular nREPL session.


Copyright © Mark Woodhall. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license