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Function Watch-Command {
Runs a scriptblock or the preceeding pipeline repeatedly until there is change.
The Watch-Command cmdlet runs a specified scriptblock repeatedly at the specified interval (or
every 1 second by default) and returns the result of the scriptblock when the output has changed.
For the command to work the specified scriptblock must return a result to the pipeline.
.PARAMETER ScriptBlock
The scriptblock to execute, specified via curly braces. If you provide input via the pipleine that
isn't a scriptblock then the entire invocation line that preceeded the cmdlet will be used as the
scriptblock input.
Number of seconds to wait between checks. Default = 1
.PARAMETER Difference
Switch: Use to only output items in the collection that have changed
dditions or modifications).
.PARAMETER Continuous
Switch: Run continuously (even after a change has occurred) until exited with CTRL+C.
Switch: Converts the result of the scriptblock into an array of strings for comparison.
.PARAMETER ClearScreen
Switch: Clears the screen between each result. You can also use 'cls' as an alias.
Manually specify one or more property names to be used for comparison. If not specified,
the default display property set is used. If there is not a default display property set,
all properties are used. You can also use '*' to force all properties.
Watch-Command -ScriptBlock { Get-Process }
Get-Service | Watch-Command -Diff -Cont
Watch-Command { Get-Content test.txt } -Difference -Verbose -ClearScreen
Get-ChildItem | Watch-Command -Difference -AsString
Get-Process | Watch-Command -Difference -Property processname,id -Continuous
[parameter(ValueFromPipeline, Mandatory)]
$Seconds = 1,
if ($ScriptBlock -isnot [scriptblock]) {
if ($MyInvocation.PipelinePosition -gt 1) {
$ScriptBlock = [Scriptblock]::Create( ($MyInvocation.Line -Split "\|\s*$($MyInvocation.InvocationName)")[0] )
else {
Throw 'The -ScriptBlock parameter must be provided an object of type ScriptBlock unless invoked via the Pipeline.'
Write-Verbose "Started executing $($ScriptBlock | Out-String)"
$FirstResult = Invoke-Command $ScriptBlock
if ($AsString) {
$FirstResult = $FirstResult | Out-String -Stream
elseif (($FirstResult | Select-Object -First 1) -isnot [string]){
if (-not $Property) {
$Property = ($FirstResult | Select-Object -First 1).PSStandardMembers.DefaultDisplayPropertySet.ReferencedPropertyNames
if (-not $Property -or $Property -eq '*') {
$Property = ($FirstResult | Select-Object -First 1).PSObject.Properties.Name
Write-Verbose "Watched properties: $($Property -Join ',')"
do {
do {
if ($Result) {
Start-Sleep $Seconds
if ($ClearScreen) {
$Result = Invoke-Command $ScriptBlock
if ($AsString) {
$Result = $Result | Out-String -Stream
$CompareParams = @{
ReferenceObject = @($FirstResult | Select-Object)
DifferenceObject = @($Result | Select-Object)
if ($Property) {
$CompareParams.Add('Property', $Property)
$Diff = Compare-Object @CompareParams -PassThru
until ($Diff)
Write-Verbose "Change occurred at $(Get-Date)"
if ($Difference) {
$Diff | Where-Object {$_.SideIndicator -eq '=>'}
else {
$FirstResult = $Result
until (-not $Continuous)
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