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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Tip: Make sure you local ./ folder is writable.
# The robot must know the cartesian points of three of the corners of the touchscreen screen relative to the robot's coordinate system. This allows it to transform any touchscreen's point to the robot's coordinate system.
# You must manually calibrate the three points with laser pointers attached to the grippers of the arms initially. After you calibrate the three points this script will save a config file. After this config file is created it'll load those settings so you don't need to repeat the process. As long as you haven't moved the robot or the screen this will work. Otherwise delete ./threepoints.config
import math
import numpy
import pickle
import os.path
import sys
class Liatris_Three_Points_To_Rot_Matrix(object):
_cords = []
_pos = 0
_slope_in_radians = False
_rotMatrix = False
_length_of_x_slope = False
_length_of_y_slope = False
_print_test_output = False
_origin_x = False
_origin_y = False
def __init__(self):
def count_cords(self):
return len(self._cords)
def add_cord(self,x,y):
if len(self._cords) == 0:
#intentionally backwards because it's relative to screen. Not robot
self._origin_x = float(y)
self._origin_y = float(x)
if len(self._cords) > 3:
print "3 cords already exist"
return False
self._pos = self._pos + 1
print "cord added x: " + str(x) + " y: " + str(y)
if len(self._cords) == 3:
#after 3rd point is added calc rot matrix
def _config_file_path(self):
return os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + "/threepoints.config"
def does_config_file_exist(self):
return True
return False
def _import_config_file_if_exists(self):
#does the config file exist
with open(self._config_file_path(), 'rb') as input:
self._cords = pickle.load(input)
print "Config file imported"
self._origin_x = self._cords[0][1]
self._origin_y = self._cords[0][0]
def _save_three_cords_to_config_file(self):
with open(self._config_file_path(),"w+") as output:
pickle.dump(self._cords, output, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)
print "Config file saved. Please exit this program and restart it (next time it'll load the .config file and disable TkInter)"
def qc_cords(self):
#determine angle
if len(self._cords) != 3:
print "you don't have 3 cords yet"
return False
return True
def calc_relative_radians_angle(self,rad):
return (float(self._slope_in_radians) + float(rad))
def calc_cord_positions(self):
if not self.qc_cords():
return False
#y is perp to robot. x is away so reverse these for relative
#y gets greater moving to left. x gets greater moving away
_tmp_change_in_x = self._cords[0][1] - self._cords[1][1] #farther left is positive
_tmp_change_in_y = self._cords[1][0] - self._cords[0][0]
if _tmp_change_in_x <= 0.005:
print "X didn't change sufficiantly: " + str(_tmp_change_in_x)
return False
print "change in x: " + str(_tmp_change_in_x)
print "change in y: " + str(_tmp_change_in_y)
#determine angle of slope and rotational matrix
_tmp_slope = _tmp_change_in_y / _tmp_change_in_x
self._slope_in_radians = math.atan(_tmp_slope)
print "degrees: " + str(math.degrees(self._slope_in_radians))
self._rotMatrix = numpy.array([[numpy.cos(self._slope_in_radians), -numpy.sin(self._slope_in_radians)],
[numpy.sin(self._slope_in_radians), numpy.cos(self._slope_in_radians)]])
print self._rotMatrix
#determine length of x-slope
self._length_of_x_slope = math.sqrt(math.pow(_tmp_change_in_x,2) + math.pow(_tmp_change_in_y,2))
print "length of x slope: " + str(self._length_of_x_slope)
def ret_width_of_screen(self):
return self._length_of_x_slope
def ret_height_of_screen(self):
return self._length_of_y_slope
def _calc_cord_positions_for_y_slope(self):
if not self.qc_cords():
return False
self._length_of_y_slope = math.sqrt(math.pow(self._cords[1][0] - self._cords[2][0],2) + math.pow(self._cords[1][1] - self._cords[2][1],2))
print "length of y slope: " + str(self._length_of_y_slope)
def determine_a_relative_point(self,x_per,y_per):
if not self.qc_cords():
return False
#relative to screen!
pre_rotated_x = float(x_per) * float(self._length_of_x_slope)
#1 - y_per is because right is positive
pre_rotated_y = float(y_per) * float(self._length_of_y_slope)
print "Pre Rotated X"
print pre_rotated_x
print "Pre Rotated Y"
print pre_rotated_y
pre_rotated_matrix = [[pre_rotated_x],[pre_rotated_y]]
post_rotated_matrix =,pre_rotated_matrix)
print "Post Rotated X"
print str(round(post_rotated_matrix[0][0],3))
print "Post Rotated Y"
print str(round(post_rotated_matrix[1][0],3))
post_rotated_matrix_adjust_with_origin_values = [post_rotated_matrix[1][0]+self._origin_y, self._origin_x - post_rotated_matrix[0][0]] # self._origin_x - is because origin x is max value (of robot's y)
return post_rotated_matrix_adjust_with_origin_values