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Add a short cut "v" for "view", so I can use "t v option" now. I just…

… learn it from Pual's projectview
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commit ee2f804ab7dc51f196f25d239fcbde67fdd11233 1 parent 0d10e31
@markwu authored
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6 v
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+[ "$1" = "usage" ] && exit 0
+"$TODO_SH" view "$@"

3 comments on commit ee2f804


Wouldn't it be easier to create a symlink (ln -s view v)?


You are right, I totally forgot we have symbolic link ... orz


I know symlinks seem a better solution for linux and mac users, but symlinks aren't handled very nicely on cygwin, this way works without changes across all our platforms.

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