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Digital Expression Explorer 2 (DEE2): a repository of uniformly processed RNA-seq data
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The aim of DEE2 is to make all RNA-seq data freely available to everyone. DEE2 consists of three parts:

  • Webserver where end-users can search for and obtain data-sets of interest
  • Pipeline that can download and process SRA data as well as users' own fastq files.
  • Back-end that collects, filters and organises data provided by contributing worker nodes.

DEE2 currently supports analysis of several major species including A. thaliana , C. elegans, D. melanogaster, D. rerio, E. coli, H. sapiens, M. musculus, R. norvegicus and S. cerevisiae. The DEE2 pipeline downloads data from SRA and processes it, providing tabulated data that can be used in downstream statistical analysis.

How can I access the processed data?

The processed data is available at but keep in mind that it is still in progress.

Dee2 data can be also accessed using our specially developed R interface

Want to learn more?

For information on different parts of the app, see the specific documentation:

Feedback, bug reports, and contributions to code development are very welcome.

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