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eqvnc - VNC Viewer for Equalizer

This is a VNC Viewer on top of the Equalizer framework for distributed OpenGL
rendering. You can use it to view VNC desktops across multiple displays,
graphics cards, and/or hosts.

It requires libvncclient <> and Equalizer

eqvnc accepts three types of options: eqvnc options, Equalizer options, and
libvncclient options. Specify eqvnc options first, then Equalizer options, and
then VNC options and arguments. For example:

$ ./eqvnc --view-only --eq-config my-conf.eqc -compress 9 my-vncserver:0

eqvnc options:
  Disable keyboard and mouse interaction; just view the desktop.
  Draw the VNC desktop onto the canvas specified in the Equalizer
  configuration. This is the default and should work in most situations.
  Draw the VNC desktop on a 3D wall given by the coordinates of the bottom left,
  bottom right, and top left corners.
  Draw the VNC desktop on a 3D cylindrical screen given by the cylinder
  center, cylinder up vector, cylinder radius, azimuth angle of screen center
  (phi0), and the aperture angles for azimuth (phirange) and polar
  (thetarange) directions.
  Set the observer position and viewing direction using the given eye and
  center points and an up vector (similar to gluLookAt). This only makes sense
  for --screen=wall and --screen=cylinder.

- Mouse interaction only works with --screen=canvas.
- Keyboard interaction only works rudimentary because of limitations in the
  Equalizer key event model. Modifier keys don't work, and non-ascii keys will
  probably cause trouble.
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