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Card style based on Google Material color palette
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Material Cards

Simple user card based on Google Material Color palette and jQuery.

See full preview

Working demo on

Less files


material-cards.less is the main .less file that includes the other .less files.
gm-variables.less contains all the color palette with the color accent.
mixin.less contains some utilities.
material-color.less contains the material color variant based on gm-variables.less


You can download full package and check the demo folder for implementation example or you can use bower:

bower install material-cards

Demo files require Font Awesome


Material Cards must be used in conjunction with jQuery.

You can choose to use it as a jQuery plugin or not. Demos for both usages are available in the demos folder. Using it as a jQuery plugin easies the management of options, methods and events for full customization.

Inside the js/ folder you can find the two files: jquery.material-cards.js and jquery.material-cards.min.js

Init jQuery Material Card



options = {
    icon_close	   : 'fa-arrow-left', //string
    icon_open	   : 'fa-bars',       //string
    icon_spin	   : 'fa-spin-fast',  //string
    card_activator : 'click'          //string: click or hover

The icons are from Font Awesome, fa-spin-fast is similar to fa-spin but spin faster.

The default card_activator is the click event on button card, but you can also use hover (this option remove the button).


toggle: change selected material card state


open: open selected material card


close: close selected material card


isOpen: check material card status, return true or false

if($('.material-card:eq(3)').materialCard('isOpen') === true) {
	// do something


  • show.material-card: triggered immediately when the open instance method is called
  • shown.material-card: triggered when the card becomes visible to the user (will wait the end of the CSS transitions)
  • hide.material-card: triggered immediately when the close instance method is called
  • hidden.material-card: triggered when the card has become hidden to the user (will wait for end of CSS transitions)


$('.material-card').on('shown.material-card', function (event) {
    console.log(event.type, event.namespace, $(this));
    //that return
    //shown material-card [article.material-card...]
var fullCardEvent = 'shown.material-card show.material-card hide.material-cards hidden.material-cards';
$('.material-cards').on(fullCardEvent, function (event) {
	//   do something

Material cards and Masonry grid library

check demo/material-cards_jquery-plugin_masonry.html material cards without a fixed height (use this less file less/material-cards-auto-height.less) and awesome javascript Masonry grid library.

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