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This project was used as an example in one of Marlon Bernardes' talks about Spring-Boot.

The following git tags were created during the development of this project:

  • 01-nothing - Initial commit. Nothing relevant, besides the gitignore file.
  • 02-blank-project - Blank project, with an almost empty pom file
  • 03-quick-start-dependencies - Add spring-boot maven dependencies
  • 04-add-tdc-banner - Add a banner.txt file to the project
  • 05-mustache-and-todo-files - Add view dependencies and copy todomvc template/assets
  • 06-get-all-todos-backend - Retrieve todos from the backend, instead of localstorage
  • 07-persistence-dependencies - Add dependencies used to persist the todos in the database
  • 08-table-todo-and-repository - Create a table named Todo and a repository associated to it
  • 09-add-spring-boot-maven-plugin - Create a runnable jar file
  • 10-deploy-heroku - Create Procfile used to deploy the application in Heroku.