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Image Sorcery allows you to leverage all three of ImageMagick's command line tools, mogrify, convert, and identify, for maximum magickal power and minimum memory consumption!


At, we need server-side image processing to work well and bend to our will. I wrote this because the ImageMagick libraries we tried suffered from at least one of two problems:

  • Large memory consumption/leaking
  • Didn't expose the entire ImageMagick library

Due to the way Image Sorcery was written, it manages to avoid both of these problems.


gem install image_sorcery

Code Examples

image ="image.png")
image.identify # => "image.png PNG 500x500 500x500+0+0 8-bit DirectClass 236KB 0.010u 0:00.010\n"
image.manipulate!(scale: "50%") # => true
image.dimensions # => { x: 250, y: 250 }
image.convert("thumbnail.jpg", quality: 80, crop: "100x100>") # => true


  • More unit tests
  • A few more convenience methods (like "dimensions").