Platform-independent tool for creating, reading and erasing NoFS-formatted memory cards
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# RawRead
# initially created by Martin Matysiak (

RawRead is a tool for creating, reading and erasing NoFS-formatted memory cards. 
NoFS (short for "No FileSystem") was invented to use it as an extremely 
lightweight file system for a GPS logging device that I've made. As the device 
operates with a small microcontroller, libraries for handling FAT or similar 
filesystems just didn't fit into the controller firmware. Sadly, reading memory 
cards without a proper filesystem on the computer is not that easy, because of 
this, RawRead had to be made. It takes care of detecting the right device and 
processing the contents in the right way. 

The tool is completely operated via command line arguments. See "./ -h" 
for details. An example usage could be:

./ -o data.txt

This will create the file "data.txt" in the current directory containing all the 
data read from the memory card.