Configuration API to describe an administration interface. Used by ng-admin and react-admin.
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Common files used in both ng-admin and react-admin.


make install

Including In Another Library

Require whatever class you need directly.

// es5
var NumberField = require('admin-config/lib/Field/NumberField');
// es6
import NumberField from "admin-config/lib/Field/NumberField";

Admin-config is written in ES6. You'll need a transpiler to use any of the classes (we recommend Webpack and babel). Here is an example Webpack configuration:

module.exports = {
    // ...
    module: {
        loaders: [
            { test: /node_modules\/admin-config\/.*\.js$/, loader: 'babel' }


In order to increase this library compatibility and to not force other users of this library to use Babel, you need to transpile your ES6 code from src/ to good old ES5 code (in lib/).

Just run:

make transpile

And you are done!

Running Tests

make test