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Packages related to using GraphQL with Admin-on-rest
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Deprecated: GraphQL packages for react-admin can be found in the main repository at

This is a lerna project for working on packages related to using GraphQL with Admin-on-rest.

This is very WIP. It currently requires changes on admin-on-rest which have not been published yet.

Documentation is on its way.

About this repository

You'll find three packages in this repository:


  • Better documentation and samples
  • Provide an example implementation of a custom graphql dialect
  • Includes a custom saga for real time updates based on graphql subscriptions


We included some make commands to ease common tasks:

make install: runs the installation command from lerna, ensuring packages are linked correctly.

make watch: will compile and watch changes on the aor-graphql-client and aor-graphql-client-graphcool packages make run: will starts the demo

You should run both commands in separate terminals when playing with the source code.

make watch-test: will run the tests in watch mode. make test: will run the tests once.