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For highlights about this version, read the react-admin 2.4 announcement blog post on the marmelab blog.

  • Bootstrap TypeScript migration (#2426) (fzaninotto)
  • Add <ListGuesser>, <EditGuesser>, and <ShowGuesser> to facilitate CRUD bootstrap and prototyping (#2376) (fzaninotto)
  • Add ability to use custom icon in <UserMenu> (#2391) (Luwangel)
  • Add id attribute on input if not specified and other accessibility fixes (#2351) (djhi)
  • Add aside support in List, Edit, and Show views (#2304) (fzaninotto)
  • Add warning when the translate() higher-order component is used directly to translate a string (#2318) (djhi)
  • Add Datagrid rowClick attribute to avoid adding an <EditButton>(#2341) (fzaninotto)
  • Add <DateTimeInput> (#2332) (fzaninotto)
  • Add easier <Toolbar> customization for <Edit> (small breaking change) (#2340) (fzaninotto)
  • Add documentation on the data returned from create requests (#2262) (cuococarlos)
  • Fix error formatting on <RichTextInput>, <CheckboxGroupInput>, <RadioButtonGroupInput>, and <SelectArrayInput> (#2335) (natrim)
  • Fix empty label appears on mobile when using a <Button> with no label (#2409) (natrim)
  • Fix autosuggest toggle problem (#2436) (oksuz)
  • Fix typo in exporter example (#2434) (jarradsl)
  • Fix Validation issues on <RichTextInput> (#2423) (TomJannes)
  • Fix typo reference to FileInput instead of FileField (#2419) (daytonn)


  • Fix double asterix on required RadioButtonGroupInput (2417) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix autocomplete content overflow not visible (2415) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix GraphQL introspection issue with Apollo cache (2411) (audunhalland)
  • Fixed typo for aria attribute in <Button> components (2408) (pastparty)
  • Fix and translate <AutocompleteArrayInput> label (2392) (djhi)
  • Fix missing index for <AutocompleteArrayInput> documentation (2393) (djhi)
  • Fix various documentation spelling & grammar errors (2390) (civilizedgorilla)
  • Add mention of ra-jsonapi-client Data Provider in documentation (2386) (henvo)
  • Fix <SelectArrayInput> error style (2377) (djhi)


  • Fix query-string parsing for array values in Create (#2373) (djhi)
  • Fix out of boundaries pagination does not allow pagination (#2365) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix SimpleFormIterator does not iterate on sub records (#2364) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix triling whitespaces in documentation (#2359) (josx)
  • Fix Feathers dataProvidr package name to ra-data-feathers (#2358) (josx)
  • Fix small typo in List doc (#2355) (ArnaudD)
  • Fix fetchRelatedRecords should ignore nullable relationships in exporter (#2354) (Luwangel)
  • Fix AppBar sometimes doesn't appear when scrolling up (#2348) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix outdated reference to DeleteButton in EditActions documentation (#2347) (swrobel)
  • Add new Turkish translation (#2349) (KamilGunduz)


  • Fix <RichTextInput> link tooltip z-index (#2345) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix <RichTextInput> unordered list rendering (#2330) (neomusic)
  • Fix <Edit> form empty after creation (#2339) (djhi)
  • Fix example schema for delete in simple GraphQL adapter (#2342) (kpollich)
  • Fix <List> showing incorrect number of selected ids after deletion (#2336) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix form reset in Save and Add scenarios (#2332) (djhi)
  • Fix type warning in <List> when setting bulkActions props to false (#2327) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix incorrect <Resource> prop in GraphQL readme usage instructions (#2325) (hips1)
  • Fix <ReferenceInput> fails to load choices when multiple instances reference the same resource (#2321) (djhi)
  • Add a section about production build UI bug in FAQ (#2215) (edouardmenayde)
  • Add mention of ra-data-firebase-client dataProvider (#2334) (aymendhaya)


  • Fix Delete button for record of id zero (fzaninotto)
  • Fix typos in French translations (despatates)
  • Fix keyboard handling in <DateInput> (fzaninotto)
  • Remove deprecated Data Providers from the documentation (Kmaschta)
  • Update CodeSandbox link to 2.3 in issue template (Kmaschta)
  • Fix rowsPerPageOptions not transmitted to pagination (antonversal)
  • Fix Webpack compilation of projects using GraphQL data providers (Kmaschta)


For highlights about this version, read the 2.3 release announcement post on the marmelab blog.

  • [Actions] Move <Refresh> to <AppBar> (fzaninotto)
  • [Actions] Remove the <ListButton> (fzaninotto)
  • [Actions] Update <Button> to adapt the icon size to the button size (fzaninotto)
  • [AppBar] Add <UserMenu> to group user-related actions (and <Logout>) (fzaninotto)
  • [AppBar] Add Headroom effect (show/hide on scroll) (zyhou)
  • [ArrayInput] Add debounce to crudGetMatching calls (djhi)
  • [ArrayInput] Allow the <FormDataConsumer> to be used inside an ArrayInput (djhi)
  • [AutocompleteArrayInput] Fix select on click (djhi)
  • [Datagrid] Add padding right to the last column (fzaninotto)
  • [Datagrid] Hide the sort icons when the column is not active (fzaninotto)
  • [Edit] Add the <TitleForRecord> component (replacement for <RecordTitle>) (fzaninotto)
  • [Edit] Move the <Delete> button down to the Toolbar (fzaninotto)
  • [Edit] Use material design recommended margin for content (fzaninotto)
  • [FormDataConsumer] Fix wrong warning (djhi)
  • [FormInput] Add the component to the export (pedrohh)
  • [Input] Add <AutocompleteArrayInput> for editing one-to-many relationships with a large number of options (djhi)
  • [List] Add <BulkActionToolbar> as a replacement for the <BulkActions> (fzaninotto)
  • [List] Display the Filter on the top left of the content (fzaninotto)
  • [Login] Replace the lock icon to allow forward compatibility with @material-ui/icons 2.0 (djhi)
  • [Pagination] Add the ability to set the number of rows per page (fzaninotto)
  • [RichTextInput] Add support for fullWidth prop (natrim)
  • [Sidebar] Add the ability to change the width (fzaninotto)
  • [TabbedLayout, TabbedForm] Let large forms extend horizontally, remove overflow scroll (djhi)
  • [Title] Move the content to the AppBar (fzaninotto)
  • [tree] Introduce ra-tree-core and ra-tree-ui-materialui to display and edit tress structures in a List view (Labs) (djhi)
  • [console] Add deprecation warnings (when not in production mode) (djhi)
  • [Demo] Fix and upgrade GraphQL and Graphcool demos (djhi)
  • [Demo] Improve fake data to have real avatars, consistent emails, and better looking reviews (fzaninotto)
  • [GraphQL] Add 'How does it work' section to the ra-data-graphql README (Weakky)
  • [GraphQL] Add a link to a Prisma dataProvider (Weakky)
  • [GraphQL] Allow easier per-query override (djhi)
  • [npm] Expose esm modules to enable tree shaking (and smaller bundle size) (Kmaschta)
  • [npm] Remove babel stage-0 preset and use preset-env instead (Kmaschta)
  • [redux] Allow to use inside an external (fzaninotto)


  • <Admin> menu prop. To override the menu component, use a custom layout instead.
  • <AppBarMobile>. The <AppBar> component is now responsive.
  • <BulkActions>. Use <BulkActionToolbar> instead.
  • <Header>. Use <Title> instead.
  • <RecordTitle>. Use <TitleForRecord> instead.
  • <ViewTitle>. Use <Title> instead.
  • GraphQL provides override prop. Use buildQuery instead.


  • Fix <SaveButton> misaligned <CircularProgress> (natrim)
  • Fix typo in List documentation (jbeurel)
  • Fix code snippets in ra-data-graphql readme (nicgirault)
  • Add link to Hungarian translation (phelion)
  • Add link to bs-react-admin (BuckleScript) to the Ecosystem documentation (ctbucha)
  • Update the CodeSandbox link in issue template (Kmaschta)


  • Fix form reset with navigation (again) (djhi)
  • Fix ReferenceArrayInputController error on undefined record (natrim)
  • Fix <AutoCompleteInput> updates its choices after blur (djhi)
  • Fix <AutoCompleteInput> does not automatically select a choice when there are still multiple matches (djhi)
  • Fix <FileField> warnings about unknown props (djhi)
  • Fix <FileInput> multiple prop documentation (djhi)
  • Fix <SelectInput> when used inside a <ReferenceInput> with allowEmpty (djhi)
  • Fix list documentation for bulkActions (djhi)
  • Fix typo in error side effect comment (Kmaschta)
  • Fix doc mentions obsolete translation packages (fzaninotto)
  • Add link to Danish translation (nikri)
  • Add an Advanced Tutorials section to the documentation (djhi)
  • Fix handleSubmit should not be overriden in <Toolbar> children (djhi)
  • Fix <ReferenceField> does not respect its child's className (fzaninotto)
  • Fix typo on ra-language-french French translations (Kmaschta)


  • Fix <SelectInput> and <SelectArrayInput> validation (djhi)


  • Fix <AutocompleteInput> when suggestions are numbers (djhi)
  • Fix ra-realtime documentation to add an example of createRealtimeSaga factory function (djhi)
  • Fix ListController props cannot be changed from outside (djhi)
  • Fix Autocomplete list is cut off by content area (djhi)
  • Fix form reset on navigation (djhi)
  • Fix ra-data-fakerest package name in readme (mexitalian)
  • Fix ra-data-graphql-simple example usage (kfern)
  • Fix typo in <ArrayInput> documentation (igneel64)
  • Fix documentation links not working work when browsing the doc via Github (fzaninotto)
  • Fix link in CreateEdit dicumentation (JulienMattiussi)
  • Fix error when using <ReferenceInput> in <SimpleFormIterator> (blasic)
  • Fix Field with sortBy and no source is not sortable (Luwangel)
  • Fix <label> and <input> not bounded correctly in login form (josx)
  • Fix fetch alert when response contains falsy data (fzaninotto)
  • Fix Tutorial documentation missing prop-types package (igneel64)
  • Fix Quill autofocus in <RichTextInput> (floo51)
  • Fix missing $options prop in <FileInput> documentation (djhi)
  • Fix mobile layout (fzaninotto)
  • Fix Reference components do not update from their props (djhi)
  • Add link to Farsi translations (hamidfzm)
  • Add link to Finnish translations (Aikain)


For highlights about this version, read the 2.2 release announcement post on the marmelab blog.

  • Add Export feature (fzaninotto)
  • Add the callback side effect (fzaninotto)
  • Add Error Page (fzaninotto)
  • Add clear button on inputs (djhi)
  • Add ability to clone a record (fzaninotto)
  • Add validation for dataProvider response format (djhi, fzaninotto)
  • Add Tooltips To Icon Buttons (fzaninotto)
  • Add ability to alter values after submission and before saving them (djhi)
  • Add support for forms in lists (djhi)
  • Add support for asyncBlurFields in forms (fzaninotto)
  • Add redirection to the previous page when a FETCH_ERROR occurs (djhi)
  • Add <CreateActions> and <RecordTitle> components (djhi)
  • Update the UI to make the <AppBar> dense (fzaninotto)
  • Update the UI to make the page heading smaller (fzaninotto)
  • Update the <ListView> implementation to make it easier to override (fzaninotto)
  • Fix bug with defaultValues and <TabbedForm> (djhi)
  • Fix bug with defaultValues and <FormDataConsumer> (djhi)
  • Fix bug with Form state being persisted between resources (djhi)
  • Fix defaultValue for <ArrayInput> (djhi)


  • Fix NumberField style regression in Show views (djhi)
  • Add ra-customizable-datagrid to Ecosystem documentation (AkselsLedins)
  • Fix e2e tests failing on chrome 68 (djhi)
  • Add Vietnamese translation (hieunguyendut)
  • Fix <ReferenceInput> when used inside <ArrayInput> (djhi)
  • Fix broken link in Actions documentation (djhi)


  • Fix link color in <ReferenceField> (fzaninotto)
  • Fix form does not display data when coming from another form (fzaninotto)
  • Revert Fix form resetting when a input with defaultValue is dynamically added (fzaninotto)
  • Add link to related post from Comment edit view in Simple example (fzaninotto)


  • Fix <ArrayInput> documentation mentions non-existing UrlInput component (AkselsLedins)
  • Fix <ReferenceInput> infinite loop on missing reference (djhi)
  • Fix Reference inputs do not update when their props change from outside (djhi)
  • Fix makefile does not build ra-data-fakerest package (djhi)
  • Fix record prop value in <SimpleFormIterator> children (fzaninotto)
  • Fix fetchJson util undefined Buffer error (fzaninotto)
  • Fix form keeps values after navigation (djhi)
  • Fix Theme doesn't apply to Fields (djhi)
  • Fix optimistic delete in <List> (djhi)
  • Fix filterDefaultValues is shared accross resources (djhi)
  • Make contributions easier for Windows users by moving most scripting logic from make to npm (djhi)


  • Fix duplicated block in CreateEdit doc (fzaninotto)
  • Fix submit on enter when submitOnEnter is false (djhi)
  • Fix form resetting when a input with defaultValue is dynamically added (djhi)
  • Fix validators memoization (Bnaya)
  • Add Chinese translation (chen4w)
  • Add API Platform Admin and the JSON-LD Data Provider to the Ecosystem doc (dunglas)


  • Fix FormInput not passing resource to Labeled inputs (djhi)
  • Add documentaton on how to prefill a <Create> form based on another record (fzaninotto)
  • Add polish translations (tskorupka)
  • Add documentation on tabs routing (djhi)


For highlights about this version, read the 2.1 release announcement post on the marmelab blog.

  • [TabbedForm, TabbedShowLayout] Add routing support for tab navigation (djhi)
  • [SimpleForm, TabbedForm] Add ability to customize the redux form (djhi)
  • [ReferenceField] Add optional sortBy prop to allow sorting by another field than id (ArneZsng)
  • [SaveButton, SimpleForm, Tabbedform] Add support for function as redirect value (fzaninotto)
  • [RichTextInput] Add validation support (fzaninotto)
  • [ReferenceInput] Inject sort, pagination, and filters props to the child component (fzaninotto)
  • [Layout] Add ability to customize sub components (menu, appbar, notification) (fzaninotto)
  • [ArrayInput] Add allowAdd & allowRemove attribute, to hide + and - buttons (ashim)
  • [ra-data-graphql-simple] Fix documentation (djhi)
  • [LongTextInput] Fix UI when used inside a <TabbedForm> (fzaninotto)
  • [Refactoring] Remove necessity to use CSS loader in ra-input-rich-text (fzaninotto)
  • [Refactoring] Manage form saving state inside Form components (djhi)
  • [Refactoring] Migrate e2e tests to Cypress (djhi)
  • [Refactoring] Move the URL parsing responsibility from View controllers to <Resource> (djhi)
  • [Dependencies] Upgrade to material-ui ^1.0.0, upgrade examples to material-ui 1.2.1 (fzaninotto)
  • [Dependencies] Upgrade to prettier 1.13 (fzaninotto)


  • Add documentation for icon format restriction in <MenuItemLink> (fzaninotto)
  • Add required to the currenSort propType in <Datagrid>, to avoid unexpected errors (alexicum)
  • Add Portuguese translation (marquesgabriel)
  • Add Ukrainian translation (koresar)
  • Add documentation about custom path as the redirect prop on Create/Edit (djhi)
  • Add mention of react-admin-color-input and react-admin-date-inputs in Ecosystem doc (vascofg)
  • Fix style overriding documentation for <Datagrid> (fzaninotto)
  • Fix broken link in <Admin> documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Fix refresh in pessimistic mode prevents server-side validation (fzaninotto)
  • Fix fullWidth warning when using <Labeled> (fzaninotto)
  • Fix <AutocompleteInput> when used in standalone (fzaninotto)
  • Fix custom route action in simple example (alexicum)
  • Fix warning in Demo, in <Link> to filtered list (fzaninotto)
  • Fix edit icon in Demo, in product gridlist on smaller screens (fzaninotto)
  • Fix outdated import in Custom Theme documentation (AkselsLedins)
  • Fix WithPermissions calling setState in async function (djhi)
  • Fix error in jsonserver provider on Windows (fzaninotto)
  • Fix outdated theming doc (fzaninotto)
  • Fix multiple broken links in DataProviders doc (alireza-ahmadi)
  • Fix missing resource in ArrayInput iterator (fzaninotto)
  • Fix outdated mention of aor-embedded-array in Ecosystem doc (vascofg)


  • Add Russian translation package to the docs (fzaninotto)
  • Add Indonesian translation package to the docs (ronadi)
  • Add media to demo dashboard to make it better-looking (fzaninotto)
  • Fix <Labeled> to correctly passe <FormControl> props for full width and validation (djhi)
  • Fix <ReferenceArrayInput> and <ReferenceInput> so that the label correctly adds the * when required (djhi)
  • Fix AutocompleteInput documentation refers to outdated mui doc (fzaninotto)
  • Fix mentions of REST client in the documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Fix logout button icon padding (fzaninotto)
  • Fix Bulk Actions button was clickable even with no row selected (fzaninotto)
  • Fix global validation on TabbedForm (fzaninotto)
  • Fix link for Saga debouncing doc (dunglas)
  • Fix warning in GraphQL data provider with <ReferenceField> (byymster)



  • Add Spanish translation package to the docs (JonatanSalas)
  • Fix SelectArrayInput Chip label should render same as selected menu item option (jeromemacias)
  • Fix warnings when using CheckboxGroupInput into ReferenceArrayInput (jeromemacias)
  • Fix proptype warning in custom Login form (fzaninotto)
  • Fix override of link and cache parameter in ra-data-graphql (terkiterje)
  • Fix checkbox ripple height in Datagrid (cherniavskii)
  • Fix infinite renders on forms due to validators not using memoization (jpetitcolas)
  • Fix warning in SingleFieldList (fzaninotto)
  • Fix yarn.lock to match packages.json (fzaninotto)
  • Fix select all checkbox selects rows twice (fzaninotto)
  • Fix typo in Inputs documentation (afilp)
  • Fix custom datagrid style fonction example (afilp)


After 7 months of refactoring for better performance and easier overrides, we finally released the new major version of react-admin 🎉.

Thanks to all the contributors who made that possible!

Here are some hilghlights :

  • Upgrade to material-ui 1.0, react-router 4, React 16.3
  • Use CSS-in-JS (JSS) for styling
  • Undo button for edits and deletes
  • Bulk actions
  • Render props
  • GraphQL as a first class citizen
  • Embedded arrays
  • Improved permissions handling
  • Side effect support in custom actions
  • Easier custom inputs
  • Easier dependent inputs
  • Asynchronous i18n
  • Extra props passed transparently
  • More implementation examples

For more details, read the 2.0 release announcement blog post on the marmelab blog.

There are many more features in 2.0, as well as all bug fixes from 1.x.

This new release is not backwards compatible with 1.x. Please refer to the Upgrade guide for directions on upgrading your code.


  • Documentation: change extraction of status for AUTH_ERROR (zifnab87)
  • Add Slovak translation (zavadpe)
  • Documentation: Use standard es6 in docs and example (djhi)
  • Fix: Ensure validation custom messages without translation don't add warnings (djhi)
  • Fix: Ensure children are filtered when mapping on them (djhi)
  • Fix: Redirect to correct page after Delete (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix warnings in React 16 (djhi)
  • Documentation: Update for 'number' validation (afilp)
  • Fix Edit view refresh does not cancel changes (djhi)
  • Fix form default values can't be changed once mounted (djhi)
  • Documentation: Add a FAQ entry about unique child key in datagrid (djhi)
  • Documentation: Add explanation about dateInput and timezone (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix link color in reference field (djhi)
  • Fix: Cleanup example app code (djhi)
  • Fix default value for filter when source is a path with dot (djhi)
  • Fix WithPermissionsFilteredChildren should not put regular children in state (djhi)
  • Fix SimpleShowLayout should handle null children (afilp)
  • Fix Handle element cannot be fetched error (alexisjanvier)
  • Add 'options' to DisabledInput too (afilp)
  • Documentation: update example about addUploadCapabilities (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix List default pagination to avoid displaying NaN (afilp)
  • Fix SelectArrayInput (djhi)
  • Fix setState typo in SelectArrayInput (natrim)
  • Fix Example validation (alauper)
  • Documentation: update RefreshButton usage (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix - Refactor resources handling so that they are available for custom routes (djhi)
  • Documentation: Fix typo in example (clementtalleu)


  • Add Croatian translation (ariskemper)
  • Add Indonesian translation (ronadi)
  • Add Arabic translation (aymendhaya)
  • Add Finnish translation (Joni-Aaltonen)
  • Fix spelling of Labeled in documentation (jyash97)
  • Fix documentation for Writing Actions (danyalaytekin)
  • Fix check that window exists before checking for devToolsExtension (twDuke)
  • Fix missing key warning for SaveButton (MadalenaGoncalves)
  • Fix RestClient example in documentation (alexanderankin)
  • Fix documentation menu on mobile (djhi)
  • Add shadow under doc menu bar on mobile (djhi)
  • Fix SelectArrayInput by upgrade material-ui-chip-input (djhi)
  • Fix Bottom Toolbars on mobile (djhi)
  • Fix documentation, Prop name is validate not validation (alauper)
  • Fix AutocompleteInput does not render text for existing value on initial render (hasghari)
  • Fix BooleanInput warning about uncontrolled to controlled component (djhi)
  • Fix title is not updated when record changes (djhi)
  • Fix vertical scroll issue on page on IE11 (activist)


  • Add aor-xmysql to the list of REST clients (soaserele)
  • Add Slovenian translation (ariskemper)
  • Fix wrong code sample in Translations docs (fzaninotto)
  • Add getResources function to allow ressource injection in custom components (fzaninotto)
  • Fix typo in Actions documentation (xiaomingplus)
  • Add mention of ra-component-factory to the list of related packages (zifnab87)
  • Fix exception when using React 16 and hot reloading (natrim)
  • Fix custom menu documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Fix installation documentation (faviouz)
  • Fix typo in English translations (netsgnut)
  • Add a link to the updated Hebrew translations (motro)
  • Fix linting problems (fzaninotto)
  • Fix missing import in <List> documentation (clementtalleu)
  • Fix Refresh button does not refresh data in <ReferenceManyField> (fzaninotto)
  • Fix refreshView is undefined when using custom actions in list (natrim)


  • Fix JS error on <WithPermission> (fzaninotto)
  • Fix tag filter in example post list (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix bad links to Authorization documentation sections (djhi)
  • Fix mention about a <ReferenceManyInput> (djhi)
  • Fix multiple <ReferenceManyField> on same resource with different filter (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix trailing slash in <EditButton> link (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix Optimistic rendering of List may create errors due to outdated data (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix documentation about onTouchTap, replaced by onClick (djhi)
  • Fix List button displayed in show view even when no List component defined (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix <AutocompleteInput> can not be changed once a value is selected (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix <DateInput> Filter first passed as String, then as Date (ThieryMichel)
  • Fix <FilterForm> is not themable (djhi)
  • Fix typo in <Admin> component documentation (than)
  • Fix <FileInputPreview> is not themable (djhi)
  • Fix Custom App documentation (kopax)
  • Fix missing refresh of <RadioButtonGroupInput> (michaelluk)
  • Remove mention of aor-permissions from documentation (djhi)
  • Fix performance optimization in <CreateButton> (natrim)
  • Add mentions of aor-embedded-array and aor-rest-client-router packages to the doc (MhdSyrwan)


  • Fix Delete actions fails on IE11 (fzaninotto)
  • Fix npm package contains files from previous builds (ArnaudD)
  • Fix default values handling for deep paths with dot notation (djhi)
  • Fix alwaysOn filters defaultValue being ignored (djhi)
  • Fix missing import in Authorization documentation (Phocea)
  • Fix <BooleanInput> onChange with false value (djhi)
  • Fix missing refresh prop in <List> component (djhi)
  • Fix date filters (djhi)
  • Fix typo in custom actions documentation (RWOverdijk)


  • Add permissions handling (djhi)
  • Add Not Found page (fzaninotto)
  • Add support for layoutless custom routes (marcw)
  • Add support for custom validator messages (fzaninotto)
  • Add support for nested filter object (mtakayuki)
  • Add response body to HttpError (marcw)
  • Add ability to refresh views using a redux action (djhi)
  • Add previousData to crudDelete payload (grahamlyus)
  • Add greek translation (zifnab87)
  • Add Ukrainian translation (vitivs)
  • Upgrade dependencies (MUI 0.19, react in peer dependencies) (djhi)
  • Update the redux state structure to avoid name conflicts (lutangar)
  • Update code formatting standard (prettier) (fzaninotto)
  • Fix query string builder in REST clients (mtakayuki)
  • Fix webpack file present in root directory (fzaninotto)
  • Fix forms default values handling (djhi)
  • Fix <SelectInput> with allowEmpty throws key-warning (fab1an)
  • Fix onMenuTap warning on medium and larger devices (jf248)
  • Fix links in documentation (Phocea)


  • Add Epilogue REST client (dunghuynh)
  • Fix SelectInput selection via keyboard (djhi)
  • Fix fetchJson to allow custom content type (sGy1980de)
  • Fix TabbedForm errors being hidden for inactive tabs (djhi)
  • Fix FileInput handling when allowing only a single file (djhi)
  • Fix numeric validators for sero value (djhi)
  • Fix colors used for pagination chevrons (djhi)
  • Fix SelectInput Bidirectional binding (djhi)
  • Fix FileInput does not display error on validation error (djhi)
  • Add Danish translation (SSA111)
  • Fix typo in tutorial (melaniedavila)
  • Add Norwegian translation (zeusbaba)
  • Fix checkboxes getting reordered when used with ReferenceArrayInput (fzaninotto)
  • Fix typo in Translation documentation (dimitrovs)


  • Add yarn support (dervos)
  • Fix login form lock and loader (teldosas)
  • Fix custom headers documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Add support for numeric value in NumberInput step prop (fzaninotto)
  • Add documentation for admin history prop (fzaninotto)
  • Fix doc for ISO date input (leesei)
  • Fix wrong use of the 'Edition' word across the documentation (cornhundred)
  • Fix typo in tutorial (cornhundred)
  • Fix typo in RestClients documentation (arlair)
  • Add farsi translation package (hamidfzm)
  • Fix translation warning on TabbedShowLayout's tab names (freeznet)
  • Fix typo in Authentication documentation (RWOverdijk)
  • Fix typo in CreateEdit documentation (RWOverdijk)
  • Add Turkish translation package (ismailbaskin)


  • Fix multi select in FileInput (doananh234)
  • Fix RadioButtonGroupInput label translation (lucasfevi)
  • Fix TabbedForm initialValues gathering (djhi)
  • Fix ReferenceFields label hidden on the top of field (philippe-cleany)
  • Fix ReferenceArrayField used with Datagrid child (fzaninotto)
  • Fix custom saga documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Add Code of conduct (fzaninotto)
  • Fix documentation on ReferenceArrayList (vmattos)


Read the v1.1 and v1.2 announcement on the marmelab blog.

  • Add ability to override redirect behavior on save for <Create> and <Edit> views (wesley6j)
  • Add refresh button to <Show> view (djhi)
  • Add asterisk to label on required Input (djhi)
  • Add <FileInput> (djhi)
  • Add sort feature to <ReferenceManyField> (wesley6j)
  • Add ability to use custom history in <Admin> (fzaninotto)
  • Add <TabbedShowLayout> to mirror <TabbedForm> (remi13131)
  • Add options prop to <BooleanInput> and pass them to mui <Toggle> (djhi)
  • Add AOR/ prefix to Redux actions (ThieryMichel)
  • Add deep path support for optionText and optionValue props the Input components used as Reference children (mtakayuki)
  • Add ability to override <SimpleShowLayout> container styles (djhi)
  • Add <MenuItemLink> to fix bad click handling of menu on mobile (djhi)
  • Add aor-firebase-client to the list of REST clients (sidferreira)
  • Update redux-saga to 0.15.3 (dervos)
  • Fix filter in <ReferenceInput> not taken into account when <AutocompleteInput> is filled (djhi)
  • Fix <ReferenceArrayField> when ids is null (wesley6j)
  • Fix missing translation helper in <Show> view (djhi)
  • Fix code highlighting on REAMDE (diegohaz)
  • Fix custom REST client list format for better readability (fzaninotto)



  • Add Show view documentation (djhi)
  • Split Admin and Resource docs for better readability (fzaninotto)
  • Fix flaky end-to-end tests (dervos)
  • Fix <DisabledInput> not showing default value (wesley6j)
  • Fix <SelectArrayInput> prop types (floo51)
  • Fix <DateInput> for some locales (wesley6j)
  • Fix support for null and false value in <SelectInput> options (wesley6j)
  • Fix missing <FileInput> mention in documentation reference (djhi)
  • Fix duplicate documentation in Ecosystem (djhi)
  • Fix typos on Theming documentation (martjanz)


  • Add <ReferenceArrayInput> and <SelectArrayInput> (kimkha and fzaninotto)
  • Add <ReferenceArrayField> (leesei and fzaninotto)
  • Add payload to USER_LOGIN_SUCCESS action, using the AUTH_LOGIN response from the authClient (SidFerreira)
  • Add reset state after logout (bodo22)
  • Add ability to disable submit on enter in <SimpleForm> and <TabbedForm> (jkrnak)
  • Add integer casting to pagination params (grahamlyus)
  • Add elStyle prop to <DisabledInput> (wesley6j)
  • Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the documentation (djhi)
  • Add Ecosystem to the documentation (djhi)
  • Add Swedish translation (StefanWallin)
  • Fix filters with dot notation not properly cleared (djhi)
  • Fix show (edit) button in Edit (Show) page on initial load (wesley6j)
  • Fix defaultValue typo in blog example (wesley6j)


  • Fix typo in Login page instructions in tutorial (DjLeChuck)
  • Fix clear filter breaks filters on subsequent refreshes (djhi)
  • Add ability to customize sidebar width (djhi)
  • Add example about using auth action creators (djhi)
  • Fix <ReferenceField> should not fetch null values (djhi)
  • Fix typo in <FilterForm> styles (djhi)
  • Fix Edit View not being updated when fields get changed (djhi)
  • Fix DateField tests on all timezones (djhi)
  • Add instructions to run the example app in README (juanda99)
  • Fix edge case in <RichTextField> when string is falsey value (faviouz)


  • Fix filters on refresh (djhi)
  • Fix <CheckboxGroupInput> on IE (djhi)
  • Fix warning when using non-string title prop in <Admin> (JulienDemangeon)
  • Fix id parameter not decoded in URL (abarani)
  • Fix Auth error message not displayed (tacoo)
  • Fix <Logout> button not redrawn on theme change (zyhou)
  • Fix validation documentation (validation prop renamed to validate) (tacoo)
  • Fix JSX syntax highlighting in documentation (fzaninotto)
  • Add mention of obligation to declare a Resource for ReferenceInput to work (fzaninotto)
  • Add a missing link in the doc Table of Contents (leesei)
  • Add link to Chinese (Traditional) (cht) translation (leesei)
  • Add link to sandbox in the Contributing documentation (fzaninotto)


Read the v1.0 announcement on the marmelab blog.

  • [BC Break] Switch validation system to redux-form native validation (breaks all input validation)
  • [BC Break] Move error mapping (HTTP to REST) to authClient (breaks HTTP 401 and 403 error handling)
  • [BC Break] Upgrade react-router to v4 (breaks custom routes)
  • [BC Break] Refactor Auth side effects to Saga (breaks custom app and custom layout)
  • Add ability to require all components from the admin-on-rest package (no more admin-on-rest/lib/mui)
  • Add <SelectField> component
  • Add <Restricted> component
  • Add LOGIN, LOGOUT, CHECK, and ERROR actions
  • Add translation of options in <SelectInput>, <AutocompleteInput>, <RadioButtonGroupInput>, and <CheckboxGroupInput>
  • Add linkType prop to <ReferenceField> to allow customization or removal of hyperlink on references
  • Add ability to override the <Filter> component by using redux-form's new onChange method
  • Add message in <List> when the REST API returns no result (mantis)
  • Add ability to remove images in <ImageInput>
  • Add error when an erroneous REST response does not contain the error key
  • Add the ability to pass an initial state to createStore (thedersen)
  • Add link from ImageInput documentation to REST Client decoration documentation (leesei)
  • Add documentation for parse() and format() in Inputs reference (leesei)
  • Add warning in documentation about <Resource> required for ReferenceManyField usage
  • Add Czech translation (magikMaker)
  • Add Japanese translation (valueshimoda)
  • Add Dutch translation (pimschaaf)
  • Add aor-jsonapi-client to the list of REST clients (maxschridde1494)
  • Add e2e tests for post creation (demougin2u)
  • Upgrade dependencies (including React 15.5.4, redux-form 6.6.3, material-ui 0.17.4)
  • Fix error messages translation
  • Fix ability to disable sort for a field
  • Fix translation warning on tab names
  • Fix Admin component crash while rendering if first resource isn't loaded yet (lutangar)
  • Fix missing menu dock for dashboard
  • Update tutorial screenshots


  • Fix <ReferenceManyField> documentation by adding a warning about required <Resource>
  • Fix custom dashboard documentation for <ViewTitle>
  • Fix custom List actions documentation (remi13131)
  • Fix restClient documentation by simplifying example code (kulakowka)
  • Fix refresh on Edit clears data
  • Fix bad "unauthorized" notification after login
  • Fix typo on authentication documentation (faviouz)
  • Fix custom style component documentation (vysakh0)
  • Fix Custom HTTP Client documentation (remi13131)
  • Explain branches in README
  • Fix <NullableBooleanInput> bug on undefined meta prop


  • Fix list layout breaking when there are more than 3 filters
  • Fix documentation about API endpoint and aor URL mapping
  • Fix typos in Actions documentation (leesei)
  • Fix hyperlink to JSON API route in Tutorial (damiansimonpeter)
  • Add a dropAreaLabel prop to <ImageInput> to let developers customize label of drop area (DjLeChuck)


  • Fix IE11/Edge flexbox issue (LoicMahieu)
  • Fix custom sagas can't reliably watch router actions
  • Fix image input previews on drop
  • Fix pagination on mobile
  • Fix SelectInput error text position
  • Add mention of Hungarian translations (s33m4nn)
  • Add mention of aor-parseserver-client
  • Add contribution guidelines


  • Fix redirection after creation
  • Fix jsonServer GET_MANY implementation (wadjeroudi)
  • Add Loopback-like REST client (kimkha)
  • Update Webpack example config (velociwabbit)


Read the v0.9 announcement on the marmelab blog

  • [BC Break] Update REST response format to always expect a data key
  • Add mobile UI (Sidebar, AppBar, Datagrid, actions, form action)
  • Add <Responsive> component
  • Add <ViewTitle> component (to be used instead of <CardTitle> for responsive views)
  • Add ability to hide sidebar using hamburger menu
  • Add <Sidebar> component
  • Add menu prop to <Admin>, to customize the menu without overriding the layout
  • Add dashboard MenuItem on top of Menu when relevant
  • Add ability to execute crud actions without redirect (thedersen)
  • Add support for custom onBlur, onChange, and onFocus props to <NumberInput> and <TextInput>
  • Add support for image preview change via dispatches form value in <ImageInput />
  • Add support for custom redirect path when auth check fails (thedersen)
  • Add support for non-cancelable fetch in crudGetList action (thedersen)
  • Add support for default locale in resolveBrowserLocale
  • Add ability to translate CRUD_UPDATE to HTTP PATCH method
  • Add ability to hide fields
  • Add Spanish translations (JonatanSalas)
  • Add Vietnamese translations (kimkha)
  • Improve Login page UX with form lock and loader (Natsuke)
  • Improve <Datagrid> rendering options by using material-ui <Table> element
  • Improve loader and button components rendering speed
  • Remove link to dashboard in the top bar
  • Remove CSS copy step from build
  • Fix notification for server error even when the response body is empty


  • Fix defaultValue assignment for nested resource attributes (cytomich)
  • Fix typo in Inputs documentation (FallDi)
  • Fix Custom App install instructions
  • Add Hebrew translation link (mstmustisnt)
  • Add link to Feathers restClient (josx)


  • Fix Edit view shows stale data
  • Fix anchor typo on documentation index (szappacosta)
  • Fix missing import in the Getting Started tutorial (SilentKernel)
  • Add demo video in doc and GitHub homepage
  • Add Russian translation link (cytomich)


  • Fix scroll to top during navigation when auth is disabled
  • Fix fetch saga to avoid mutating actions
  • Fix custom app documentation
  • Fix SelectInput arrow click hides input
  • Fix missing status in fetch when error is thrown (wadjeroudi)
  • Remove documentation images from package
  • Add Chinese translation link (downup2u)
  • Add German translation link (der-On)
  • Add link to powershell script for building (mantis)


  • Fix custom title in view and custom label in resource
  • Fix quick filter in example demo
  • Add link to GraphQl rest client in the docs
  • Add link to <ColorInput> component in the docs
  • Add link to Italian translation in the docs (stefsava)


See the v0.8.0 announcement in the marmelab blog.

  • [BC Break] Rename defaultSort prop to sort in <List> component, to make it consistent with the props of <ReferenceInput> and <ReferenceManyField>
  • [BC Break] Rename filter props (the one accepting a <Filter> element) to filters in <List> component
  • Add I18n
  • Add Authentication
  • Add <ImageField> and <ImageInput> to upload images
  • Add <CheckboxGroupInput> component
  • Add the ability to hook up custom sagas in <Admin>
  • Add the ability to hook up custom reducers in <Admin>
  • Add filter prop to <List> component for permanent filters
  • Add support for defaultValue in filters
  • Add support for functions as value for the defaultValue prop
  • Add ability to disable sorting on datagrid headers
  • Add perPage, sort, and filter props to ```
  • Add label prop to all buttons
  • Add Custom Actions documentation
  • Add CSS prefix to flex-box elements (yshing)
  • Improve Delete button labels
  • Update optimistic rendering to also work with custom fetch actions
  • Speed up <Datagrid> rendering
  • Refactor response side effects to a normal saga
  • Upgrade redux-saga to v0.14.2
  • Fix disconnection on dashboard
  • Fix edge case where list filter isn't shown
  • Fix validation for <AutocompleteInput>, <ReferenceInput>, and <SelectInput> (AkselsLedins)


  • Fix code snippets disappearing from documentation
  • Add mention of aor-postgrest-client in REST clients documentation
  • Fix missed refresh in example due to aor-json-rest-client not cloning the objects
  • Fix Refresh button doesn't refresh References
  • Fix pagination error in console during load


  • Fix validation on nested fields
  • Fix validation when passed as <Input> prop in <TabbedForm> component
  • Fix endless spinning <SaveButton> upon error


See the v0.7.0 announcement in the marmelab blog.

  • [BC Break] Remove <RichTextInput> from core, use aor-rich-text-input instead
  • [BC Break] Introduce <SimpleForm> component between <Edit>/<Create> and input components
  • [BC Break] Introduce <SimpleShowLayout> component between <Show> and field components
  • [BC Break] Remove GET_MATCHING REST verb (and merge with GET_LIST)
  • [BC Break] Add a limit to the fetching of <ReferenceInput> (set to 25 by default)
  • [BC Break] Custom input elements are not decorated by <Field> by default, set addField: true to get it
  • [BC Break] Custom input elements are not decorated by <Labeled> by default, set addLabel: true to get it
  • [BC Break] Rename includesField: true to addField: false for Input components
  • [BC Break] Rename includesLabel: true to addLabel: false for Input components
  • [BC Break] All Redux action creators are now exported at the root level
  • Introduce <TabbedForm> component as an example of alternative form layout
  • Add <AutocompleteInput> field
  • Add <NumberInput> field
  • Add ability to use any React component (including Fields) as Edit or Create element
  • Add support for locales and options in <DateField>
  • Add animation on click in <SaveButton>
  • Add Refresh button in <Edit> view
  • Add support for defaultValue in <Create> and <Edit> components
  • Add support for defaultValue in <Input> components
  • Add support for actions in <Create> and <Edit> components
  • Add a perPage prop to <ReferenceInput> to allow fetching more or less options
  • Add a sort prop to <ReferenceInput> to allow sorting of options
  • Add support for function as optionText value in <SelectInput>, <RadioButtonGroupInput>, and <AutocompleteInput>
  • Add support for element as optionText value in <SelectInput>, and <RadioButtonGroupInput>
  • Add double submission protection in <SaveButton>
  • Add trigger to hide <Edit> view title until record is loaded
  • Add support for special chars like "/" in id (dunglas)
  • Add <FormField> component to allow reuse of the addLabel/addField decoration logic
  • Use Json REST client (http-less client) in example
  • Set allowEmpty to true by default in Filter form (was breaking <ReferenceInput> in filters by default)
  • Fix bad setup of ReferenceInput value in filters
  • Fix <SavedButton> in case of invalid form (was spinning forever)


  • Fix bad _end argument for jsonServer REST client
  • Clarify CORS headers documentation and exception message
  • Fix wrong table cell wrap in <Datagrid>
  • Add custom layout documentation to Theming chapter
  • Fix <NumberField> when record has no value for the source
  • Fix <DateField> for null values


  • Fix notification background colors to use mui theme
  • Fix missing lodash.defaultdeep not mentioned as dependency


  • [BC Break] The filter prop of the component now expects an element rather than a component (<List filter={<MyFilter/>} > rather than <List filter={MyFilter} >)
  • [BC Break] The title prop of all view components now expect an element rather than a component (<List title={<MyTitle/>} > rather than <List title={MyTitle} >)
  • [BC Break] Rename style to elStyle and let style override container element
  • Add special design for non-sortable columns in datagrid
  • Add style, elStyle to all components
  • Add headerStyle to Field components (ability to style <th>)
  • Add rowStyle to <Datagrid> (ability to style <tr> according to the value)
  • Add defaultSort to <Datagrid> (ability to set default sort order on list)
  • Add actions, perPage, and pagination props to the <List> component
  • Add List view documentation
  • Add <BooleanField> component
  • Add <BooleanInput> component
  • Add <NullableBooleanInput> component
  • Add <NumberField> component
  • Add <FunctionField> component
  • Align datagrid first column to the page title
  • Hide resources in the Menu when they don't have a list view
  • Fix warning for fields with no source and no label
  • Fix FilterButton for fields without label


  • Document conditional formatting
  • Fix node incompatibility error caused by quill when installing with yarn (tinhnguyen-ea)
  • Fix pagination when the number of pages exceeds 8
  • Fix React 14.4 compatibility by updating react-tap-event dependency (petetnt)
  • Fix regression in material UI Popover
  • Update dependencies (react, material-ui, redux-form, redux-saga)


  • Fix jsonServer GET_MANY when overriding htpClient (aceofspades)
  • Fix bad refresh of list after create, update, and delete
  • Fix unstable state after create, update, and delete


  • Fix <SelectInput> subcomponent key in case of duplicate value (rweindl)
  • Fix make test-watch command
  • Fix datagrid margins to accomodate more content
  • Fix cannot set empty value on <ReferenceInput/>
  • Fix bad error message in restClient when no count header is found
  • Fix Infinite loop when two menu clicked quickly
  • Fix Warning when Datagrid contains two action buttons
  • Add ability to intercept HTTP request and add custom headers


Fix bad built files


See the v0.5.0 announcement in the marmelab blog.

  • [BC Break] Remove credentials: include HTTP option enabled by default
  • Add <Show> View
  • Add custom headers support
  • Add support for the style attribute in all components
  • Add Theming Documentation (by MattWilliamsDev)
  • Update the <Datagrid> to use real tables (and auto-size columns)
  • Upgrade to material-ui 0.16
  • Update package to bundle quill
  • Export more components and functions to ease customization
  • Fix multiple ReferenceFields in a list incorrectly loads data
  • Fix spinner not stopping after delete
  • Fix Router now scrolls to top
  • Fix <RadioButtonGroupInput>
  • Fix datagrid layout to make columns adapt width to content
  • Fix doc on reducers in CustomApp (by ArnaudD)
  • Fix custom app docs now that redux form is required
  • Fix RadioButtonGroupInput
  • Fix Pagination when list has no filter
  • Fix clearing text filter doesn't fetch the unfiltered list
  • Fix Warning when Datagrid contains two action buttons


  • [BC Break] Pass Headers object to restClient
  • Add loads of documentation
  • Use source as implicit label in fields and input components
  • Add <RichTextField> and <RichTextInput> components (powered by quill)
  • Add <UrlField> component
  • Add Form Validation in <Edit> and <Create> views (powered by redux-form)
  • Add material-ui theme support in the <Admin> component (by fnberta)
  • Add option to show date with time (by fnberta)
  • Add UUID support (by bjet007)
  • Add deep field selection
  • Add unit tests
  • Fix form display issue when single or no fields
  • Fix and speedup filters
  • Fix create form
  • Fix filter value reset when filter is removed


See the v0.3.0 announcement in the marmelab blog.

  • [BC Break] <List> takes an iterator child (like <Datagrid>)
  • [BC Break] <ReferenceField> replaces referenceSource by a child field
  • [BC Break] <ReferenceInput> replaces referenceSource by a child input
  • [BC Break] Rename fetchJSON to fetchJson
  • Switch FakeRest as an external dependency
  • Add ability to customize admin title
  • Add <Labeled> component, and introduce the includesLabel prop on inputs
  • Add <SingleFieldList> and <ChipField> components
  • Add <ReferenceManyField> component and related reducer logic
  • Add <RadioButtonGroupInput> component
  • Add <SelectInput> component
  • Add notifications
  • Add Custom App doc


  • Fix redirect breaks loader
  • Move list params state from redux to router (allows usage of back button in the list)
  • Fix filters bug (did not reset the page number)
  • Add ability to define a custom dashboard component
  • Rename Datagrid to List, and introduce Datagrid component
  • Export REST types constants
  • Add tutorial

v0.1.0 - Initial release