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jquery.inputmask is a jquery plugin which create an input mask.

Copyright (c) 2010 - 2012 Robin Herbots Licensed under the MIT license (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php)

The plugin is based on the idea of the maskedinput plugin of Josh Bush (http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin), but has finer control over the 'mask-definitions' and is fully compatible with the ui-datepicker

A definition can have a cardinality and have multiple prevalidators.

Example of some new definitions:

     'm': { //month
        validator: function(chrs, buffer) {
            var dayValue = buffer.join('').substr(0, 3);
            return $.inputmask.defaults.aliases['dd/mm/yyyy'].regex.month.test(dayValue + chrs);
        cardinality: 2,
        prevalidator: [{ validator: "[01]", cardinality: 1}]
    'y': { //year
        validator: function(chrs, buffer) {
            if ($.inputmask.defaults.aliases['dd/mm/yyyy'].regex.year.test(chrs)) {
                var dayMonthValue = buffer.join('').substr(0, 6);
                if (dayMonthValue != "29/02/")
                    return true;
                else {
                    var year = parseInt(chrs);  //detect leap year
                    if (year % 4 == 0)
                        if (year % 100 == 0)
                        if (year % 400 == 0)
                        return true;
                    else return false;
                    else return true;
                    else return false;
            } else return false;
        cardinality: 4,
        prevalidator: [
            { validator: "[12]", cardinality: 1 },
            { validator: "(19|20)", cardinality: 2 },
            { validator: "(19|20)\\d", cardinality: 3 }
insertMode: false

These allow for a finer date validation then 99/99/9999 which also allows 33/33/3333 for example. In the jquery.inputmask.extensions.js you find a full date input validation which takes days, months & leap years into account.

Also extra features like mask-repetitions (greedy and non-gready) and many other additions are included. In the examples you will find more about them.


Include the js-files:

<script src="jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.inputmask.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.inputmask.extensions.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Define your masks:

   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y");  //direct mask
   $("#phone").inputmask("mask", {"mask": "(999) 999-9999"}); //specifying fn & options
   $("#tin").inputmask({"mask": "99-9999999"}); //specifying options only

Extra options:

change the placeholder

   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "placeholder": "*" });

or a multi-char placeholder

   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "placeholder": "dd/mm/yyyy" });

execute a function when the mask is completed, incomplete or cleared

   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "oncomplete": function(){ alert('inputmask complete'); } });
   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "onincomplete": function(){ alert('inputmask incomplete'); } });
   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "oncleared": function(){ alert('inputmask cleared'); } });

clearIncomplete - clear the incomplete input on blur

   $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y",{ "clearIncomplete": true } });

mask repeat function

   $("#number").inputmask({ "mask": "9", "repeat": 10 });  // ~ mask "9999999999"

mask non-greedy repeat function

   $("#number").inputmask({ "mask": "9", "repeat": 10, "greedy": false });  // ~ mask "9" or mask "99" or ... mask "9999999999"

get the unmaskedvalue


set a value and apply mask

this can be done with the traditionnal jquery.val function (all browsers) or javascript value property for browsers which implement lookupGetter or getOwnPropertyDescriptor


   var number = document.getElementById("number");
   number.value = 12345;

with the autoUnmaskoption you can change the return of $.fn.val (or value property) to unmaskedvalue or the maskedvalue

   	$('#<%= tbDate.ClientID%>').inputmask({ "mask": "d/m/y", 'autoUnmask' : true});	//  value: 23/03/1973
	alert($('#<%= tbDate.ClientID%>').val());	// shows 23031973     (autoUnmask: true)

	var tbDate = document.getElementById("<%= tbDate.ClientID%>");
    alert(tbDate.value);	// shows 23031973     (autoUnmask: true)

add custom definitions

$.extend($.inputmask.defaults.definitions, {
    'f': {
        "validator": "[0-9\(\)\.\+/ ]",
        "cardinality": 1,
        'prevalidator': null

set defaults

$.extend($.inputmask.defaults, {
    'autounmask': true

numeric input direction

    $('#test').inputmask('€ 999.999.999,99', { numericInput: true });    //123456  =>  € ___.__1.234,56

remove the inputmask


escape special mask chars

    $("#months").inputmask("m \\months");


remove the empty mask on blur or when not empty removes the optional trailing part

    $("#ssn").inputmask("999-99-9999",{placeholder:" ", clearMaskOnLostFocus: true }); //default

Optional Masks

When clearMaskOnLostFocus: true is set in the options (default), the mask will always clearout masks marked as optional when not filled in.

For example, given:


While the field has focus and is blank, users will see the full mask ___-___. When the required part of the mask is filled and the field loses focus, the user will see 123. When both the required and optional parts of the mask are filled out and the field loses focus, the user will see 123-abc.

aliases option

First you have to create an alias definition (more examples can be found in jquery.inputmask.extensions.js)

$.extend($.inputmask.defaults.aliases, {
        'date': {
            mask: "d/m/y"
        'dd/mm/yyyy': {
	    alias: "date"


   $("#date").inputmask("date");    //   => equals to    $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y");

or use the dd/mm/yyyy alias of the date alias:

   $("#date").inputmask("dd/mm/yyyy");   //    => equals to    $("#date").inputmask("d/m/y");

auto upper/lower- casing inputmask

see jquery.inputmask.extensions.js for an example how to define "auto"-casing in a definition (definition A) casing can be null, "upper" or "lower"

   $("#test").inputmask("999-AAA");    //   => 123abc ===> 123-ABC

getemptymask command

return the default (empty) mask value

   var initialValue = $("#test").inputmask("getemptymask");  // initialValue  => "___-___"

onKeyUp / onKeyDown option

Use this to do some extra processing of the input when certain keys are pressed. This can be usefull when implementing an alias, ex. decimal alias, autofill the digits when pressing tab.

see jquery.inputmask.extensions.js for some examples

Markup options

RTL input

Just add the dir="rtl" attribute to the input element

<input id="test" dir="rtl" />

Compiling with Google Closure Compiler

First grab the sources from github. In the root you type ant. A new folder dist is created with the minified and optimized js-files

jquery.inputmask extensions

Alias definitions

date aliases

   $("#date").inputmask("date"); // alias for dd/mm/yyyy

The date aliases take leapyears into account. There is also autocompletion on day, month, year. For example:

input: 2/2/2012 result: 02/02/2012 input: 352012 result: 03/05/2012 input: 3530 result: 03/05/2030 input: rightarrow result: the date from today

numeric aliases


Autocompletion on tab with decimal numbers

   $("#numeric").inputmask("decimal" { digits: 3 });