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The Quorum calendar system.
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acts_as_addressed Deal with deprecation and compatibility issues. [#84]
app Remove unused JS files.
ci One more try at fixing syntax. [#87]
config Update version number and changelog.
db Update geometry columns to new format. [#86]
doc Rename attendance icons. [#32]
features Remove more deprecated calls. [#84]
fonts/dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.26 Use DejaVu font in PDF file so we don't choke on Unicode; improve lay…
lib Remove extra newlines.
locale Fix locale files.
old_cap Move old Cap files aside and install new ones.
po Update language files.
public Get everything working with the asset pipeline. [#84]
script Get Cucumber running. [#52]
spec Use let blocks to clean up spec. [#84]
test Add UTF-8 encoding headers. [#58]
.autotest Ignore Redcar project files.
.document Change format to work with
.gitignore Ignore compiled assets.
.loadpath Use system Ruby instead of Locomotive (Mingle #9).
.project Add project skeleton.
.rspec Switch to Ruby 2, change debugger gems, get Iconv working. [#83]
.rspec.travis Use RSpec options that don't require debugger. [#87]
.travis.yml Fix Travis configuration. Update version number and changelog.
Capfile Enable Cap plugins.
Gemfile Install assets gem.
Gemfile.lock Install assets gem.
LICENSE Fix text encoding. Add a Bitdeli badge to README
Rakefile Initialize Gettext in the Rakefile. [#52] Add so Passenger will run this as a Rails 3 application.

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Quorum Calendar System

This is the Quorum Calendar System, an easy-to-use solution for collaborative scheduling. For more information, please see

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