Roundcube Webmail Plugin Customize Logo in Session (can depend on Domain)
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Roundcube Webmail Plugin Customize Logo in Session and Print (can depend on domain)

Plugin to load a different logo within a Round Cube Session and for print out. The logo can depend on the domain name (not a must) if you have more than one user group. An other default logo can be displayed in case there is no custom_logo available. This plugin is intended to be used with �default� and �larry� Roundcube skin.

Download and install via

Set the following options directly in Roundcube's main config file or via host-specific configurations:

// common logo in case the custom logo does not exist
// $rcmail_config['common_logo_url'] = '/skins/classic/images/roundcube_logo.png';
$rcmail_config['common_logo_url'] = 'plugins/custom_logo/media/default_mail.png';

/* %d will be replaced with the default user identity email domain part
      i.e. will return in %d "" */
$rcmail_config['custom_logo_url'] = 'plugins/custom_logo/media/%d_mail.png';