Swift 3 iOS mp3 player. music credit to bensounds.com
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iOS mp3 Player App built in Swift. Implemented accessing images from the web via a background queue. Music c/o Bensounds.com

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for fun purposes.


  • XCode 8+


  • Create your local project
    • clone or download the project
  • Open the project in XCode
  • Run in your simulator or on your device.

Why did you make this?

This was created as part of a job application for a company in Germany. They wanted me to create an mp3 player that allowed a user to play a song, pause a song, see the duration of the song, and play a random song. I took this a bit further by using images hosted online and practicing some background queue code. I enjoyed that challenge. The mp3s are hosted in the app, but I could apply the same concept to the mp3s if I wanted to expand the app.