iOS app built with Swift 3; allows authentication via Facebook or Email; posts with images and captions; likes
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Social App

iOS App built in Swift. Implements Firebase authentication, storage, and database. Cocoapods.

App Highlights

  • This app allows users to create a user account with their email address and a password over 6 characters long. Login

  • They can also choose to login using their Facebook account.

  • The app saves their credentials to their keychain, so that on future initiations of the app, they do not need to login again!

  • New users are prompted to choose a username and a user profile image so that they can post. Profile

  • Users can scroll through other user's posts, which consist of an image and a caption. FeedView

  • Users can 'like' other user's posts by clicking a heart. Likes are incremented. Likes

  • Users can see a detailed view of a post by clicking it. Users can edit or delete their own posts. EditPosts

  • Images are stored in Firebase Storage.

  • To allow for smooth scrolling, images are downloaded and cached.

Why did you make this?

This app was created as part of the Devslopes iOS 10 & Swift 3 course. It was good practice to reiterate the Firebase Authentication and Database protocols.