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A minimalist command line tool written in Go to work with Architecture Decision Records (ADRs).

Greatly inspired by the adr-tools with all of the added benefits of using the Go instead of Bash.

Quick start

Installing adr

Go to the releases page and grab one of the binaries that corresponds to your platform.

Alternatively, if you have a Go developement environment setup you can install it directly using :

go get && go install

Initializing adr

Before creating any new ADR you need to choose a folder that will host your ADRs and use the init sub-command to initialize the configuration :

adr init /home/user/my_adrs

Creating a new ADR

As simple as :

adr new my awesome proposition

this will create a new numbered ADR in your ADR folder : Next, just open the file in your preferred markdown editor and starting writing your ADR.