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Marp-core built-in themes

We provide some nice official themes in marp-core. You can choose a favorite theme by using Marpit theme directive in your Markdown.

Screenshots were taken from the rendered result of an example.

invert class

The all of built-in themes support invert class to use the inverted color scheme.

<!-- class: invert -->



The default theme of Marp. It is based on GitHub markdown style, but optimized to the slide deck. Slide contents will be always vertically centered.

<!-- theme: default -->



Gaia theme is based on the classic design of yhatt/marp.

Originally, this theme was created for a maintainer to use, and it's inspired from azusa-colors keynote template.

<!-- theme: gaia -->


lead class


Contents of the slide will align to left-top by Gaia's default. But you can use lead class to be centering like uncover theme. It is useful for the leading page like a title slide.

theme: gaia
class: lead

ℹ️ Marpit's Spot directive would be useful to apply lead class only into a current page.

<!-- _class: lead -->

Color scheme


Gaia theme supports an additional color scheme by gaia class.

<!-- class: gaia -->

ℹ️ Of course you may use multiple classes, by array or separated string by space.

theme: gaia
  - lead
  - invert

# Lead + invert


<!-- class: lead gaia -->

# Lead + gaia



Uncover theme has three design concepts: simple, minimal, and modern. It's inspired from many slide deck frameworks, especially reveal.js.

<!-- theme: uncover -->

⚠️ Restrictions

Auto scaling for code block is disabled because uncover theme uses the elastic style that has not compatible with it.