Marp for VS Code: Preview Marp slide deck in VS Code
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Marp for VS Code

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ℹ️ Marp extension requires VS Code >= 1.31 (January 2019 release) to install.

Preview Marp Markdown slide deck in VS Code.

We will enhance your VS Code as the slide deck writer. Mark marp: true, and write your deck!

See the documentation of Marpit Markdown and the features of Marp Core about how to write.

Please refer for more details of Marp ecosystem. We have powerful tools for Marp Markdown: Marpit Framework, CLI tool, Web interface and so on.


Marp preview will only be enabled when marp: true is written in front-matter.

marp: true

# Your slide deck

Start writing!


Managed by @marp-team.


This plugin releases under the MIT License.