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Marp for VS Code

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Create slide deck written in Marp Markdown on VS Code.

We will enhance your VS Code as the slide deck writer. Mark marp: true, and write your deck!

See the documentation of Marpit Markdown and the features of Marp Core about how to write.

Please refer for more details of Marp ecosystem. We have powerful tools for Marp Markdown: Marpit Framework, CLI tool, Web interface and so on.


Marp features will be enabled when marp: true is written in a front-matter of Markdown document.

marp: true

# Your slide deck

Start writing!

You can create a new Marp Markdown document from "New File..." menu (Alt + Ctrl + Win + N / Alt + Cmd + Ctrl + N) to start writing a slide deck quickly.

Create Marp Markdown

marp: true also can toggle by opening the quick picker from toolbar icon and selecting "Toggle Marp feature for current Markdown". (markdown.marp.toggleMarpFeature).

Toggle Marp preview


Preview Marp Markdown

While enabled Marp features by marp: true, Marp for VS Code can preview your Marp Markdown with the same way as a built-in Markdown preview.

If you are not familiar with editing Markdown on VS Code, we recommend to learn what you can do in VS Code documentation at first.

IntelliSense for Marp directives

Directives, the inherited feature from Marpit framework, is an important syntax to write the deck in Marp.

If enabled Marp feature by marp: true, Marp for VS Code extends IntelliSense to support auto completion, syntax highlight, hover help, and diagnostics for Marp directives.

Auto completion

Marp for VS Code can suggest global/local directives supported by Marp ecosystem. We remember all so you may forget them! 😛

Hit Ctrl + Space within the front-matter or HTML comment to show the list of directives. You can peek the help of selected directive by hitting Ctrl + Space again.

Auto completion

Some directives such as theme and paginate are also supported auto completion for the value.

Highlight and hover help

The key of recognized directives are highlighted in the different color from the around. This visualization may help to find out meaningless definitions.

And you can see the help of a defined directive by hovering cursor on the recognized directive.

Highlight and hover help


Marp for VS Code can detect some basic problems in Marp directives. Diagnostics will help following our recommended way for writing slides.


Name Description Quick Fix
define-math-global-directive Recommend to declare math typesetting library via math global directive
deprecated-color-setting-shorthand Check deprecated shorthands for setting slide colors
deprecated-dollar-prefix Check obsoleted directives prefixed by $
ignored-math-global-directive Report ignored math global directive if disabled math by the extension setting
overloading-global-directive Find out overloaded global directives
unknown-size Notify if the specified size preset was not defined in a theme
unknown-theme Notify a not recognized theme name

Export slide deck to HTML, PDF, PPTX, and image 🛡️

We have integrated Marp CLI to export your deck into several formats.

To export the content of active Markdown editor, open the quick pick from Marp icon on toolbar and select "Export slide deck...". (markdown.marp.export)

Export slide deck

You can also execute command from the Command Palette (F1 or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P).

Supported file types

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • PPTX (PowerPoint document)
  • PNG (First slide only)
  • JPEG (First slide only)

Default file type can choose by markdown.marp.exportType preference.

⚠️ Export except HTML requires to install any one of Google Chrome, Chromium, or Microsoft Edge. You may also specify the custom path for Chrome / Chromium-based browser by preference markdown.marp.chromePath.

Use custom theme CSS 🛡️

You can register and use custom theme CSS for Marpit / Marp Core by setting markdown.marp.themes, that includes remote URLs, or relative paths to local files in the current workspace.

// Please put `.vscode/settings.json` on your workspace
  "markdown.marp.themes": [

It's very similar to a way for using custom styles in ordinary Markdown preview. The registered theme can use by specifying theme name in theme global directive.

/* @theme your-theme */

@import 'default';

section {
  background: #fc9;
marp: true
theme: your-theme

# Use your own theme

Markdown preview will reload updated theme CSS automatically when you edited the registered local CSS file. It's very useful for creating your own theme.

Use custom theme

Outline extension

When Marp Markdown is enabled, you can use the extended outline view like following. They are enabled by default but you may disable by markdown.marp.outlineExtension preference.

Outline view for each slide

We extend the outline view to support slide pages in Marp Markdown.

Outline view for each slide

ℹ️ Please choose Sort By: Position from context menu of its panel if you see incorrect slide order.

Slide folding in editor

You can fold the content of slide in editor while editing Marp Markdown.

Slide folding in editor


Workspace Trust

Some features that may met malicious are restricted in the untrusted workspace/window. Please read VS Code's user guide for details.

Features may be restricted are marked by the shield icon 🛡️ in this documentation. Marp for VS Code is available even if the current workspace is not trusted but you can use only a basic Marp preview and IntelliSense.

Enable HTML in Marp Markdown 🛡️

You can enable previsualization of HTML code within Marp Markdown with the markdown.marp.enableHtml option.

It could allow script injection from untrusted Markdown files. Thus, this feature is disabled as a default and will be always ignored in the untrusted workspace. Use with caution.

Web extension

You can use Marp extension in VS Code for the Web environment like and Try opening, with an environment that has installed Marp extension.

The web extension has some limitations:

  • Export command cannot use because it is depending on Marp CLI that is not designed for Web. Please use VS Code that is installed to your local environment, or use either VS Code Server or GitHub Codespaces if you wanted an environment working on Web.


Are you interested in contributing? Please see and the common contributing guideline for Marp team.


Managed by @marp-team.


This extension releases under the MIT License.