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A web interface of Marp.

⚠️ Currently Marp Web is under developing.

https://web.marp.app/ is a tech demo. In future, we migrate to React app based on our marp-react.

We are using Preact and it has an advantage to PWA. But I'm not sure to be recieved contributes from community because not of familiar framework. In addition, well-maintained library for React would get better developer experience.

Desktop PWA

Would you try the future of Marp? By using Chrome's Desktop PWA, you can use Marp Web as a desktop app like yhatt/marp.

  1. Enable Desktop PWAs experiments from chrome://flags/#enable-desktop-pwas
  2. Relaunch Chrome and access to https://web.marp.app/
  3. Select "Install Marp..." from Chrome menu.


Managed by @marp-team.


MIT License