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The entrance repository of Markdown presentation ecosystem
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yhatt Host website built on Gatsby (#11)
* Setup Gatsby

* Simplized Gatsby template

* Use TypeScript through gatsby-plugin-typescript

* Use only start script instead of develop to serve gatsby

* Add the skelton of hero contents

* Renew layout of hero to be simplify

* Fix the order of style declarations in Hero component

* More simplized hero element

* Include web fonts only to the layout SCSS

* Add header styling

* Upgrade dependent packages to latest

* Use Node v10.14.0

* Add button component

* Add menuitem component

* Stop to blur focus on clicking menuitem

* Update header style

* Implement sticky header powered by react-sticky

* Remove lorem placeholders

* Update layout to switch whether display hero component

* Add blog page

* Use location prop provided by router

* Enlarge hit area of Menuitem component

* Fix style of primary outline button

* Fix active highlight color of menu item

* Use Link component provided by Gatsby for navigating without new request

* Assign unique title per page with title prop of Layout

* [WIP] List blog page title

* Implement Blog component

* Update style of Blog component

* Update style of GithubAuthor in Blog component

* Improve blog interface for GraphQL and meta styling

* Add remark plugins

* Handle the excerpted content with more comment and add read more button

* Add style for HTML elements for writing blog contents

* Fix style about components

* Upgrade Node to v10.14.1

* Upgrade dependent packages to latest version

* Fix deprecated overriden ref in react-sticky by wrapping class

* Update style about code and tables

* Improve keyboard navigation of Layout component

* Fix to work Gatsby static build

* Prepare reserved field to use the reserved post in future

* Filter reserved blog posts in index page of blog

* Add style for reserved blog post

* [WIP] Add the first post about the story of marp

* Fix YAML format in the first post

* Clear cache and current public directory on building

* Upgrade Node to v10.15.0

* Upgrade dependent packages to latest version

* Update blog article

* Update Node version to v10.15.1

* Update the Marpit section of blog article

* Upgrade dependent packages to latest

* Update blog font to use readble sans-serif

* Fix tap highlight on sticky container

* Fix too thin font of blog contents in mobile device

* Fix scroll behavior in sticky container with touch device

* Use -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch

* [WIP] Add Marp Core and Marp CLI contents

* Update blog articles to add about Marp Web and integrations

* Add section about migration plan

* Minor fix of grammar

* Upgrade dependent packages to the latest

* Update article

* Update integration and added conclsuion

* Upgrade dependent packages to the latest version

* Update style of contents

* Update blog article

* Update article

* Finalize

* Add button of link to Marp repository to hero component

* Update date of article to 2019-06-10

* Update LICENSE

* Update netlify.toml

* Upgrade dependent packages to the latest version

* Remove public/_redirects

* Upgrade Node to v10.16.0

* Update publish date of article to 2019-06-06
Latest commit d4bfc4e Jun 6, 2019


Marp: Markdown Presentation Ecosystem

This repository is the entrance of next version of Marp (Marp Next).

Refer to yhatt/marp when you are looking for pre-released desktop app. However, keep in your mind that it has no longer been developed.

Marp is the ecosystem to write your presentation with plain Markdown.

Marp family

Our projects have consisted of manyrepos in order to focus limited scope per repository.

This repo (@marp-team/marp) is an entrance to Marp family. In the future, it will host our website, and place project-wide utilities by the monorepo structure.

Framework / Core

Name Description Release
Marpit ( The skinny framework for creating slide deck from Markdown. @marp-team/marpit
Marp Core The core of Marp converter with practical features and themes. @marp-team/marp-core


Name Description Release
Marp CLI Marp Core / Marpit's CLI interface to convert into HTML, PDF, and image. @marp-team/marp-cli
Marp Web The main interface of Marp based on PWA and Preact framework. tech demo
Marp Desktop The desktop client for Marp Web for replacing yhatt/marp. PLANNED


Name Description Release
Marp VSCode A VS Code extension to preview the slide deck written in Marp Markdown. VS Marketplace
Marp React Marp renderer component for React. @marp-team/marp-react
Marp Vue Marp renderer component for Vue. @marp-team/marp-vue




Let us know if you have created an awesome slide deck with Marp ecosystem! Edit and send pull request.


Marp and sub-projects are following the contributing guideline of marp-team hosted in this repo. Please read this before starting work in our projects.


Managed by @marp-team.


MIT License

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