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base fork: marpa/twentyeleven_translucence_child
base: c9942ad16f
head fork: marpa/twentyeleven_translucence_child
compare: 3caff1e8b4
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Commits on Aug 19, 2011
@marpa added config-sample file for storing theme configuration values and
a function for getting config values
@marpa updated twentyeleven_translucence_default_headers() to get headers
from config file via twentyeleven_translucence_config()
@marpa updated css for listing of tags and categories in widgets so that the…
…y use same css as other widget links
@marpa minor refinements in css for page-links b4a9de7
@marpa renamed functions to use more consistent naming convention 738ebbf
@marpa updated widget links to use normal font weight 7cb4b70
Commits on Aug 20, 2011
@marpa updated twentyeleven_translucence_page_links() to show parent title (…
…instead of Related Pages or Sub Pages)
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
@marpa refined dark variation css for entry-titles, widget and page links 9250049
@marpa refined gray-white and white-gray variation css 0dd02c8
@marpa added transparent-dark and transparent-light variations 7a4ff5b
@marpa added multiwidth02.png image as possible background 463435d
@marpa refined pagenav css to page links float left 91afe8a
@marpa reduced size of entry-title text on single post view 7c5293f
@marpa added images to represent new transparent variations d8f2bff
@marpa added new collection of default header images 904a892
@marpa added new config variables for new custom headers and color schemes c763d15
@marpa updated twentyeleven_translucence_default_headers() to get custom hea…
…der array from config
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
@marpa added new default headers 647e60c
Commits on Aug 29, 2011
@marpa removed css that specified link colors in these variations to ensure …
…user selected link colors be used as much as possible
@marpa refined css for comments-link 4d66f36
@marpa added css for tag-links and cat-links e9cfa57
@marpa added transparent comment bubble images and updated transparent varia…
…tions to use these images
@marpa updated default css to ensure site-title and search field would prope…
…rly adjust at smaller widths
@marpa removed css for link colors to ensure user selected link colors would…
… be used whenever possible and appropriate
@marpa udated access gradient for white-gray variation such that gradient go…
…es from lighter to darker
@marpa added config variables for specify random color_schemes 3b0d53d
@marpa added new images to custom_headers for variations 1140878
@marpa added new custom header 996eb36
@marpa refactored twentyeleven_color_schemes_translucence to get color schem…
…es from theme config
@marpa renamed translucence_add_config() to twentyeleven_translucence_add_co…
@marpa added color_schemes randomizer to twentyeleven_enqueue_color_scheme_t…
@marpa added image for light variation 58424e6
@marpa code cleanup 3caff1e
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