Sample vagrant configuration to set up a hwdMediaShare development box
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Sample Vagrant setup to use the hwdmediashare cookbook easily without a proper Chef development environment.

It will provision a development box for Joomla/hwdMediaShare with all requirements installed:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Apache 2.4 + mod_h264 module
  • PHP 5.5
  • MySQL
  • Multimedia conversion tools: ffmpeg, yamdi, qt-faststart,imagemagick,...
  • adminer for easy MySQL management
  • synced joomla folder

Getting started

  1. Install Vagrant
  2. Install VirtualBox
  3. Install the Vagrant omnibus plugin
  4. Clone this repo
  5. vagrant up
  6. Make yourself a cup of coffee
  7. Profit!

After a successful run will show Joomla installation page.

Going further

While all the chef meat is on the original cookbook, the Vagrant file exposes the most important attributes:

  • node['mysql']['server_root_password'] : MySQL root password
  • node['hwdmediashare']['mysql']['joomla_db_name'] : Joomla DB name
  • node['hwdmediashare']['mysql']['joomla_db_user'] : Joomla DB user
  • node['hwdmediashare']['mysql']['joomla_db_password'] : Joomla DB
  • node['hwdmediashare']['joomla_package_url'] : URL to Joomla tarball (.tar.gz)

Several chef community cookbooks are leveraged (apache,mysql,php) so feel free to override their attributes to your convenience.

Author and license

Author: David Pando (

License: MIT License.