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This is a lightweight Graphite API client written in Go that implements Carbon submission functionality. I wrote this a long time ago as a dependency for a side project a long time ago. You shouldn't rely on this for any production use-case.


Use go-get to install graphite-golang

go get

External dependencies

This project has no external dependencies other than the Go standard library.


Like most every other Golang project, this projects documentation can be found on godoc at


package mylib

import (

func init() {

    // load your configuration file / mechanism
    config := newConfig()

    // try to connect a graphite server
    if config.GraphiteEnabled {
        Graphite, err = graphite.NewGraphite(config.Graphite.Host, config.Graphite.Port)
    } else {
        Graphite = graphite.NewGraphiteNop(config.Graphite.Host, config.Graphite.Port)
    // if you couldn't connect to graphite, use a nop
    if err != nil {
        Graphite = graphite.NewGraphiteNop(config.Graphite.Host, config.Graphite.Port)

    log.Printf("Loaded Graphite connection: %#v", Graphite)
    Graphite.SimpleSend("stats.graphite_loaded", "1")

func doWork() {
    // this will work just fine, regardless of if you're working with a graphite
    // nop or not
    Graphite.SimpleSend("stats.doing_work", "1")