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AIRFacebook | Facebook extension for Adobe AIR (iOS & Android)

AIRFacebook offers a rich and cross-platform API to Facebook SDK for iOS and Android. Easily implement social interaction in your Adobe AIR app and make it available to the millions of people using Facebook today!


  • User authentication and permission management
  • Content sharing (links, photos) to Facebook feed or via Messenger
  • Sharing custom Open Graph stories
  • Sending Game Requests
  • Open Graph queries
  • Scores & achievements for games

Native SDK versions

  • iOS v4.38.0
  • Android v4.38.0

Getting started

Download the extension from the releases page.

  • com.marpies.ane.facebook.ane
    • Use this package when packaging apps for iOS and Android.
  • com.marpies.ane.facebook-iOS-simulator.ane
    • Use this package when packaging apps for iOS simulator only.
  • com.marpies.ane.facebook-no-iOS-frameworks.ane,
    • Use this package if you are having trouble packaging your iOS app. You need to put the contents of to AIR_SDK/lib/aot/stub.

When upgrading from AIRFacebook v1.x, see Upgrade notes for AIRFacebook 2.0.0.

Follow this guide to learn how to create your Facebook app id and make the necessary adjustments to your app descriptor.

iOS patch

Copy the libclang_rt.ios file from the ios_patch directory to AIR_SDK/lib/aot/lib.

Using the extension

For a quick overview of some of the API read the following guides:


  • iOS 8+
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • Adobe AIR 30+

Build ANE

ANT build scripts are available in the build directory. Edit to correspond with your local setup.

Older versions downloads (ZIP)


The ANE has been developed by Marcel Piestansky and is distributed under Apache License, version 2.0.