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= Version 2.0.0
* Enhancement: Add Sass support.
* Enhancement: Upgrade to latest React.
* Enhancement: Upgrade to latest Pug version (formerly Jade).
* Enhancement: Redirect v1.x gists to old viewer instance.
* Removed: Stylus/.styl support.
* Removed: .jade support.
* Removed: Settings migration system.
= Version 1.6.3
* Bugfix: Prevent publishing unbuilt versions of Proto ಠ_ಠ.
= Version 1.6.2
* Bugfix: Fix failure to initialize projects on case-sensitive filesystems.
= Version 1.6.1
* Bugfix: Correctly report version.
* Bugfix: Only try to apply project migrations if there are applicable ones.
* Bugfix: Correct build-from-source instructions (were missing a step).
= Version 1.6.0
* Enhancement: serve extra local files.
* Enhancement: indicate which libraries are cached in their tag.
= Version 1.5.1
* Bugfix: fix install.
= Version 1.5.0
* Enhancement: add React support, `-r` initialization flag.
= Version 1.4.0
* Enhancement: upgrade command dependency versions.
* Enhancement: upgrade viewer dependency versions.
* Bugfix: fix gist ID detection.
* Bugfix: ignore unnecessary files for npm package.
* Bugfix: set viewer history tag to fixed position.
* Misc: change repo ownership to Marquee.
= Version 1.3.2
* Bugfix: remove leftover requiring of `express` module.
= Version 1.3.1
* Bugfix: fix project initialization with generated name masking `-d` option.
* Bugfix: fix capitalization of requires (breaks in production Heroku).
* Bugfix: fix migrations failing when missing migration for a version.
* Bugfix: fix directory trailing slashes on certain platforms.
= Version 1.3.0
* Enhancement: local caching of script and style libraries using `-d`.
* Enhancement: project name is optional, using a generated name if not specified.
* Enhancement: viewer displays notes rendered to HTML from markdown.
= Version 1.2.0
* Enhancement: project migration functionality for upgrading projects to newer Proto versions.
* Bugfix: version display using -v flag shows Proto version, not CLI library version.
* Enhancement: Nib library for Stylus.
* Enhancement: Markdown filter for Jade.
* Enhancement: `<title>` gets set to project name specified in `settings.json`.
= Version 1.1.0
* Enhancement: allow for specifying of Github application credentials by the viewer app to increase the Github API rate limit.
= Version 1.0.2
* Bugfix: fix ordering of default proto libraries (jQuery must be first).
= Version 1.0.1
* Bugfix: fix app crashing when request to GitHub fails (non-404 errors).
* Bugfix: send 404 when /favicon.ico is requested instead of letting connection timeout.
= Version 1.0.0
* Initial release, with CLI, gist support, viewer.