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VIM for Python and Django Development

VIM-PyDjango created by Programmer for Programmer who work on Python & Django everyday.

It's coming with several features :

Autocomplete, Pep8 checker, File Manager, Function bar, detect unused module/variable, Auto-Commenting, Python/Django/Custom snippets and many else!

How it works ?

It will detect automatically your code while typing. All code will show with related options.

Code mistake, unused variable, un-standard Python will checked automatically.

Helpful notification will show on bottom so it not disturb your view.

Not only for python files, it also pay attention for html, js and all django related files.

Watch Video example usage on :


It using Vundle for manage all plugin. Install Vundle by :

sudo apt-get install git
cd ~/
git clone git://
ln -s ~/vim-pydjango/.vim ~/.vim
ln -s ~/vim-pydjango/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

To install. please do :

vim ~/.vimrc

Follow for more detailed information.

Don't forget to install dependency packages (I'm using Ubuntu 11.10):

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-pip exuberant-ctags
sudo pip install git+git://
sudo pip install pylint
sudo pip install pep8

Python Programming Standards

There are several standards used in this VIM

  1. Pep8

  2. PyFlakes

  3. Convert HAML into HTML using Sparkup

  4. Auto-Commenter

Debugging Python

For debugging Django with Development Server, I use ipdb

import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()

To install ipdb on Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install ipython
sudo pip install ipdb

Development Rules

VIM-PyDjango use 80 lines terminals ( Good for development )

It using tab & space size as Python standard.

Shorcut keys

Leader = ,

MRU = , + space

Pep8 = F6

FileManager + Tagbar = F8

FileManager = , + t

FuzzFinder Files = F2

FuzzFinder Buffer = , + b

Tagbar = , + l

Paste = Ctrl + V

Plugin Installed

Color scheme Mustang :

Syntastic :

FuzzyFinder :

L9 :

Pyflakes :

Pep8 :

NerdTree :

NerdCommenter :

Tagbar :

Sparkup :


Tagbar :

IndentPython :

Fugitive :

Why you should use this ?

VIM-PyDjango using latest and updated VIM plugins and tools.

Cut a lot time for develop python & django applications after use it!


I no longer use VIM-Debug from

You can see how to installation and screenshots there.

UltiSnips :

NeoComplcache :