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# encoding: utf-8
"""marrow.mailer mail delivery framework and MIME message abstraction."""
import warnings
import pkg_resources
from email import charset
from functools import partial
from marrow.mailer.message import Message
from marrow.mailer.exc import MailerNotRunning
from marrow.mailer.interfaces import IManager, ITransport
from marrow.util.compat import basestring
from marrow.util.bunch import Bunch
from marrow.util.object import load_object
__all__ = ['Mailer', 'Delivery', 'Message']
log = __import__('logging').getLogger(__name__)
class Mailer(object):
"""The primary marrow.mailer interface.
Instantiate and configure marrow.mailer, then use the instance to initiate mail delivery.
Where managers and transports are defined in the configuration you may pass in the class,
an entrypoint name (simple string), or package-object notation ('').
def __repr__(self):
return "Mailer(manager=%s, transport=%s)" % (self.Manager.__name__, self.Transport.__name__)
def __init__(self, config, prefix=None):
self.manager, self.Manager = None, None
self.Transport = None
self.running = False
self.config = config = Bunch(config)
if prefix is not None:
self.config = config = Bunch.partial(prefix, config)
if 'manager' in config and isinstance(config.manager, dict):
self.manager_config = manager_config = config.manager
self.manager_config = manager_config = Bunch.partial('manager', config)
if 'manager' in config and isinstance(config.manager, basestring):
warnings.warn("Use of the manager directive is deprecated; use manager.use instead.", DeprecationWarning)
manager_config.use = config.manager
if 'transport' in config and isinstance(config.transport, dict):
self.transport_config = transport_config = Bunch(config.transport)
self.transport_config = transport_config = Bunch.partial('transport', config)
except AttributeError: # pragma: no cover
self.transport_config = transport_config = Bunch()
if 'transport' in config and isinstance(config.transport, basestring):
warnings.warn("Use of the transport directive is deprecated; use transport.use instead.", DeprecationWarning)
transport_config.use = config.transport
if 'message' in config and isinstance(config.message, dict):
self.message_config = Bunch(config.message)
self.message_config = Bunch.partial('message', config)
self.Manager = Manager = self._load(manager_config.use if 'use' in manager_config else 'immediate', 'marrow.mailer.manager')
if not Manager:
raise LookupError("Unable to determine manager from specification: %r" % (config.manager, ))
if not isinstance(Manager, IManager):
raise TypeError("Chosen manager does not conform to the manager API.")
self.Transport = Transport = self._load(transport_config.use, 'marrow.mailer.transport')
if not Transport:
raise LookupError("Unable to determine transport from specification: %r" % (config.transport, ))
if not isinstance(Transport, ITransport):
raise TypeError("Chosen transport does not conform to the transport API.")
self.manager = Manager(manager_config, partial(Transport, transport_config))
def _load(spec, group):
if not isinstance(spec, basestring):
# It's already an object, just use it.
return spec
if ':' in spec:
# Load the Python package(s) and target object.
return load_object(spec)
# Load the entry point.
for entrypoint in pkg_resources.iter_entry_points(group, spec):
return entrypoint.load()
def start(self):
if self.running:
log.warning("Attempt made to start an already running Mailer service.")
return"Mail delivery service starting.")
self.running = True"Mail delivery service started.")
return self
def stop(self):
if not self.running:
log.warning("Attempt made to stop an already stopped Mailer service.")
return"Mail delivery service stopping.")
self.running = False"Mail delivery service stopped.")
return self
def send(self, message):
if not self.running:
raise MailerNotRunning("Mail service not running.")"Attempting delivery of message %s.",
result = self.manager.deliver(message)
log.error("Delivery of message %s failed.",
log.debug("Message %s delivered.",
return result
def new(self, author=None, to=None, subject=None, **kw):
data = dict(self.message_config)
data['mailer'] = self
if author:
kw['author'] = author
if to:
kw['to'] = to
if subject:
kw['subject'] = subject
return Message(**data)
class Delivery(Mailer):
def __init__(self, *args, **kw):
warnings.warn("Use of the Delivery class is deprecated; use Mailer instead.", DeprecationWarning)
super(Delivery, self).__init__(*args, **kw)
# Import-time side-effect: un-fscking the default use of base-64 encoding for UTF-8 e-mail.
charset.add_charset('utf-8', charset.SHORTEST, charset.QP, 'utf-8')
charset.add_charset('utf8', charset.SHORTEST, charset.QP, 'utf8')
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