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A mod in which you shoot things until they die. See the ZDoom forums thread linked above for more details.


If you wish to run an in-development version of the mod, you can click the "Clone or download" button and then "Download ZIP".

Once you've done that you can then load the pk7 folder into ZDoom as you would any other mod.


The code in Lithium is half C and half DECORATE. The C code is compiled to ACS bytecode with GDCC, an awesome compiler made by a crazy compiler man.

The C code is rather terse at times, and scarcely commented, but hopefully it should be understandable enough.

I tend to use a lot of GDCC's C extensions, so some of the code may be a bit confusing for purists.


All of the content and source code in this project is copyrighted unless otherwise stated. Do not use it elsewhere without permission. See pk7/credits.txt for more information.

All DECORATE code in the pk7/lscripts folder is public domain as defined by the CC0 license.

The LithOS3 library is distributed under the MIT license as detailed in pk7/licenses/LICENSE.lithos3.txt.

GDCC's libc is distributed under the LGPL license as detailed in pk7/licenses/copylib.txt.

Respect content creators, ask permission before using something from this mod.