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Extended Lansing-Kremer model of Balinese crop/water management with added religious transmission

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Simulations building on ideas from Lansing and Kremer's simulations of Balinese irrigation water management--starting from Marco Janssen's NetLogo implementation (see below). For example, I've added a separate channel of cultural transmission that represents the spread of religious influences in Balinese farming.


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Marco Janssen's NetLogo implementation of the Lansing-Kremer model:
Janssen, Marco A. (2012, October 18). "Lansing-Kremer model of the Balinese irrigation system" (Version 2). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from:

Lansing, J.S., M.P. Cox, S.S. Downey, M.A. Janssen and J.W. Schoenfelder "A robust budding model of Balinese water temple networks" World Archaeology (2009) 41(1): 112-133.

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Several other articles listed on Lansing's site Some are available as PDFs there.


Extended Lansing-Kremer model of Balinese crop/water management with added religious transmission






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