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A free multi-CDN for Git repositories, WordPress, images and all of static files.
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Statically - fast and better static files

Our mission is to make static files easy to manage and fast to deliver

What is Statically?

Statically is A free multi-CDN for open source project, WordPress, images and all of static files. Statically is open source project maintained by Marsble. At Statically, we believe that static files shouldn't be slow.

How to use?

CDN for GitHub files

CDN for GitLab files

CDN for Bitbucket files

CDN for custom endpoint images

CDN for any popular web libraries

CDN for WordPress static files

Favicons CDN

Screenshot CDN


You can always request features, please contact us at @statically


Statically won't be running perfectly without Our Sponsors. Meet Our Sponsor, Become A Sponsors or Donate $5.

Project leaders

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Statically is free, but we make it a bit more professional. If have any questions or maybe find a bugs, please contact us on Marsble or create an issue in our issue tracker.

For now, you cannot manually purge files. Please use this form to submit a purge file request.


Statically maintains a list of files that are known to be malicious. If you find such a file on supported providers, please let us know!


If you think this is useful, we'd love to hear from you. Please tweet us anything at @staticallyio with any questions, concerns or even just for say hello.


The following are some good sources for knowing more about Statically:


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