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NEWS for OpenSC -- History of user visible changes
Complete change history is available online:
New in 0.12.2; 2011-07-15
* Builds are now silent by default when OpenSC is built from source on Unix.
* Using --wait with command line tools works with 64bit Linux again.
* Greatly improved OpenPGP card support, including OpenPGP 2.0 cards
like the one found in German Privacy Foundation CryptoStick.
* Fixed support for FINeID cards issued after 01.03.2011 with 2048bit keys.
* #256: Fixed support for TCOS cards (broken since 0.12.0).
* Added support for IDKey-cards to TCOS3 driver.
* #361: Improved PC/SC driver to fetch the maximum PIN sizes from the open
source CCID driver. This fixes the issue for Linux/OSX with recent driver.
* WindowsInstaller now installs only static DLL-s (PKCS#11, minidriver) to
system folder.
* Fix FINeID cards for organizations.
* Several smaller bugs and compiler warnings fixed.
New in 0.12.1; 2011-05-17
* New card driver: IAS/ECC 1.0.1
* rutoken-tool has been deprecated and removed.
* eidenv and piv-tool utilities now have manual pages.
* pkcs11-tool now requires the use of --module parameter.
* All tools can now use an ATR as an argument to --reader, to skip to the
card with given ATR.
* opensc-tool -l with -v now shows information about the inserted cards.
* Creating files have an enforced upper size limit, 64K
* Support for multiple PKCS#15 applications with different AID-s.
PKCS#15 applications can be listed with pkcs15-tool --list-applications.
Binding to a specific AID with PKCS#15 tools can be done with --aid.
* Hex strings (like card ATR or APDU-s) can now be separated by space, in
addition to colons.
* Pinpad readers known to be bogus are now ignored by OpenSC. At the moment
only "HP USB Smart Card Keyboard" is disabled.
* Windows installer is now distributed as a statically built MSI, for both
x86 and x64.
* Numerous compiler warnings, unused code and internal bugs have been
New in 0.12.0; 2010-12-22
* OpenSC uses a single reader driver, specified at compile time.
* New card driver: Italian eID (CNS) by Emanuele Pucciarelli.
* New card driver: Portuguese eID by João Poupino.
* New card driver: westcos by François Leblanc.
* pkcs11-tool can use a slot based on ID, label or index in the slot list.
* PIN flags are updated from supported cards when C_GetTokenInfo is called.
* Support for CardOS 4.4 cards added.
* Fature to exclude readers from OpenSC PKCS#11 via "ignored_readers"
configuration file entry.
* #229: Support semi-automatic fixes to cards personalized with older and
broken OpenSC versions.
* Software keys removed from pkcs15-init and the PKCS#11 module. OpenSC
can either generate keys on card or import plaintext keys to the card, but
will never generate plaintext key material in software by itself.
All traces of a software token (PKCS#15 Section 7) shall be removed.
* Updates to PC/SC driver to build with pcsc-lite >= 1.6.2
* Build script for a binary Mac OS X installer for 10.5 and 10.6 systems.
Binary installer includes OpenSC.tokend for platform integration.
10.6 installer includes engine_pkcs11.
* Modify Rutoken S binary interfaces by Aktiv Co.
* Support GOST R 34.10-2001 and GOST R 34.11-94 by Aktiv Co.
* CardOS driver now emulates sign on rsa keys with sign+decrypt usage
with padding and decrypt(). This is compatible with old cards and
card initialized by Siemens software. Removed "--split-key" option,
as it is no longer needed.
* Improved debugging support: debug level 3 will show everything
except of ASN1 and card matching debugging (usualy not needed).
* Massive changes to libopensc. This library is now internal, only
used by and command line tools. Header files are
no longer installed, library should not be used by other applications.
Please use generic PKCS#11 interface instead.
* #include file statements cleaned up: first include "config.h", then
system headers, then additional libraries, then headers in opensc
(but from other directories), then header files from same directory.
Fix path to reference headers, remove src/include/ directory.
* Various source code fixes and improvements.
* OpenSC now depends on xsltproc utility and docbook-xsl to build docs and man
* Remove iconv dependency. EstEID driver now uses the commonName from the
certificate for card label.
* Possibility to change the default behavior for card resets via
New in 0.11.12; 2009-12-18; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Document integer problem in OpenSC and implement workaround
* Improve entersafe profile to support private data objects
New in 0.11.9; 2009-07-29; Andreas Jellinghaus
* New rutoken_ecp driver by Aktiv Co. / Aleksey Samsonov
* Allow more keys/certificates/files etc. with entersafe tokens
* Updates pkcs11.h from scute fixing warnings
* Small fixes in rutoken driver
* Major update for piv driver with increased compatibility
New in 0.11.8; 2009-05-07; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Fix security problem in pkcs11-tool gen_keypair (PublicExponent 1)
* fix compiling without openssl.
* updated and improve entersafe driver. FTCOS/PK-01C cards are supported
now, compatible with cards writen by Feitian's software on windows.
New in 0.11.7; 2009-02-26; Andreas Jellinghaus
* hide_empty_slots now on by default? small logic change?
* pinpad supported fixed for Mac OS X.
* ruToken driver was updated.
* openct virtual readers reduced to 2 by default.
* link with iconv on Mac OS X for i18n support.
* Security issue: Fix private data support.
* Enable lock_login by default.
* Disable allow_soft_keygen by default.
New in 0.11.6; 2008-08-27; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Improved security fix: don't match for "OpenSC" in the card label.
* New support for Feitian ePass3000 by Weitao Sun.
* GemSafeV1 improved to handle key_ref other than 3 by Douglas E. Engert
New in 0.11.5; 2008-07-31; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Apply security fix for cardos driver and extend pkcs15-tool to
test cards for the security vulnerability and update them.
* Build system rewritten (NOTICE: configure options was modified).
The build system can produce outputs for *NIX, cygwin and native
windows (using mingw).
* ruToken now supported.
* Allow specifying application name for data objects.
* Basic reader hotplug support.
* PC/SC library is dynamic linked no longer compile time dependency.
* PKCS#11 provider is now installed at LIBDIR/pkcs11
* PKCS#11 - Number of virtual slots moved into configuration.
* PKCS#11 - Fix fork() compliance.
* make sign_with_decrypt hack configureable for siemens cards.
New in 0.11.4; 2007-09-10; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Drop AC_LIB_LINKFLAGS for libltdl and aclocal/lib* files.
* New configure option to disable building nsplugin.
* Support Siemens CardOS initialized cards (signing with decryption)
* Add Siemens CardOS M4.2B support (experimental, don't have such a card)
* Support for AKIS cards added (partial so far) by Gürer Özen.
* add aclocal/libassuan.m4 back so developers don't need assuan installed.
New in 0.11.3; 2007-07-11; Andreas Jellinghaus
* added regression test for raw rsa (crypt0007).
* regression suite can now use installed binaries with --installed.
* update wiki export script (add images, fix links).
* look for ncurses and termcap in configure (in combination with readline).
* make lots of internal functions and variables static.
* fix 0 vs NULL in many places. fix ansi c style (void).
* avoid variable names used also as glibc function (random etc.).
* new code for deleting objects.
* special hack for firefox.
* suport for Athena APCOS cards added.
* piv driver now supports bigger rsa keys too.
New in 0.11.2; 2007-05-04; Andreas Jellinghaus
* enabled pin caching by default (needed by regression suite and other apps).
disable this for highest security (but that breaks some applications).
* use max_send_size 255 / max_recv_size 256 bytes by default.
reduce this for some readers (e.g. scm) with t=0 cards.
* increase pin buffer size to allow longer pin codes.
* Windows Make.rules.mak improved to work with and w/o openssl and zlib
* Added --read-ssk-key option to pkcs15-tool (prints public key in ssh format)
* use pkg-config for finding openct, add --enable/disable-openct option
* use strlcpy function
* use new pkcs11.h from scute with an open source license
* add support for sha2 to pkcs15-crypt
* add piv-tool for managing piv cards
* add muscle driver (still work in progress)
* improved oberthur driver
* add support for pcsc v2 part10 (reader drivers with pinpad support)
* convert source files to utf-8
New in 0.11.1; 2006-05-30; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Fix version variable in win32 build files
* Update for piv pkcs#15 emulation
* Improved TCOS driver for Uni Giesen Card
* Handle size_t printf with "%lu" and (unsigned long) cast
* Add support for d-trust cards / improve micardo 2.1 driver
New in 0.11.0; 2006-05-01; Andreas Jellinghaus
* compile fixes/improvements for windows
* document pkcs15-tool --unblock-pin option
* remove old and outdated documentation
* use "%lu" format for printf of size_t
* add piv driver and tool by Douglas E. Engert
* new threadding code in pkcs11 module
* renamed "etoken" driver to "cardos", as it really is a generic
driver for Siemens CardOS M4, including but not limited to Aladdin eTokens.
* add code to maange unused space
* support for swedish nidel cards
New in 0.10.1; 2006-01-08; Andreas Jellinghaus
* use sc_print_path everywhere.
* silence many warnings.
* add incrypto34 driver by ST Incard, Giuseppe Amato
* improved TCOS driver by Peter Koch
* better PINPAD handling
* updated infocamere driver
* updated opensc.conf with new default values
* fix firefox problems (no real fix, only ugly workaround)
* add cardos M4.2 support
New in 0.10.0; 2005-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus
* released rc2 without changes.
* Add more documentation, fix man page installtion.
* New generic ATR/card matching code with
atrmask support, used by all card drivers.
* Much improved and unified ATR handling in
the configuration file.
* Support for the next generation FinEID cards
with ISO/IEC 7816-15 data layout.
* Preliminary code merge with the Belgian
Belpic EID project.
* Experimental multi-slot support for CT-API
and dynamic loading support for win32.
Thanks to Bernhard Froehlich <>
* Experimental Class 2 pinpad reader support
via TeleTrust compatible PC/SC interface.
* Fixed OpenSSL behaviour in the configure
* PKCS#15 emulation layer improvements and
a new driver for the Italian postecert
* New API documentation and generic documentation
structure renovation to base future work on.
Many thanks to Bert Vermeulen <>
* Spanish manual translation from opensc-ceres
project merged.
* Several memory leaks and other bugs fixed.
New in 0.9.6; 2005-04-25; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* undo user_content changes to retain compatibility with 0.9.4.
* add solaris/ files for easier installation on solaris.
* require automake 1.5
* free() fixes in some card drivers.
* fix autoconf configure code.
New in 0.9.5; 2005-01-11; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Big rewrite of the autoconf code for openssl. This fixes bugs on Mac OS X
and we hope it doesn't break any other system. Feedback is very welcome.
* The flags object attribute changed to a bitfield.
* Many small bugfixes, including memory leaks.
* Changes to the etoken and gpk profiles to eleminate overlapping file ids.
* pinpad code by Martin Paljak
* add user_consent parameter to pkcs15emu add object/add prkey functions.
* estid provide user_consent parameter.
* add fflush to pkcs11-spy.c
* set version in, src/pkcs11/pkcs11-global.c,
win32/version.rc and src/include/winconfig.h
New in 0.9.4; 2004-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Library version was broken in 0.9.3.
* Update library version to 1:0:0, as we are no longer
compatible with the 0:*:* line, I fear.
New in 0.9.3; 2004-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Fix some LDFLAGS/LDADD issues for parallel build.
New in 0.9.2; 2004-07-24; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* This is an beta test version. Please be careful.
Do not use in production environments.
* Fix sslengine, link those dynamically with libcrypto
for openssl 0.9.7d and later.
* Fixed small bug in pkcs11-tool
* Link pkcs11-tool and pkcs15-crypt with -lcrypto
* New driver for estonian ID card.
* Bumped version number to opensc 0.9.2
* New card supported: Oberthur AuthentIC v5
* Pam_opensc's eid module now checks permissions,
and supports several certificates in
Thanks to Fritz Elfert <>
* Upgrade library version to 0.9, since incompatible changes
are very likely somewhere.
* Merged several pkcs15 profiles into one with different
New in 0.8.1; 2003-09-30; Olaf Kirch:
* Upgrade libopensc versioning, hasn't been
accidently upgraded since 0.6.0 release
* MacOS X specific changes:
- Allow to compile without PC/SC support
- Bundle installation fixes
- OpenSSL engine linking fixed
- Renamed OpenSC PKCS#11.bundle to
- CT-API module loading support
* libopensc:
- Renamed sysdep_timestamp_t to sc_timestamp_t
- Renamed debug/error functions to sc_debug/sc_error
- Don't DER-en/decode the data in a pkcs15 object
- Portability fixes for the OpenCT reader driver
* libscconf: Fixed CRLF parsing for UNIX platforms
* Added PKCS#11 spy module by Mathias Brossard
* Other minor bug/build fixes and cleanups
New in 0.8.0; 2003-08-15; Juha Yrjölä:
* New and/or improved card drivers:
Aladdin eToken, MICARDO 2 and STARCOS
* New reader driver: OpenCT (Olaf's framework)
* Improved support for win32 and MacOS X.
* PKCS #11 stuff improved massively
* Added PKCS #11 and native OpenSC engine drivers
for OpenSSL
* Added support for reading the PIN from the PIN keypad
of a reader
* New manpages
* Loads of other improvements and bug-fixes
New in 0.7.0; 2002-06-03; Juha Yrjölä:
* Support for config files
* Yet another PKCS #15 generation rewrite
* PAM module rewritten for more flexibility and compatibility
* OpenSC Signer merged to the main source tree
* CT-API support
* Support for non-native RSA and DSA keys
* Improved support for MioCOS cards by Miotec (
* Semi-working support for Aladdin eToken PRO
* First version to work with OpenSSH without any patching
New in 0.6.1; 2002-03-20; Juha Yrjölä:
* Fixed certificate downloading in pkcs15-init
* Improved PKCS #11 module, so it works with Mozilla 0.9.9 and
is capable of signing and decrypting mails in Netscape
* Other various small fixes and improvements
New in 0.6.0; 2002-03-13; Juha Yrjölä:
* Many, many new features -- too many to list here
* New cards supported: Gemplus GPK family, TCOS 2.0, MioCOS
* Implemented a card reader abstraction layer
* PKCS #15 generation rewritten by Olaf Kirch. So far generation
is supported only on GPK and Cryptoflex.
New in 0.5.0; 2002-01-24; Juha Yrjölä:
* PKCS #15 generation support
* PKCS #11 module almost completely rewritten
* Implemented opensc-explorer; a tool for browsing and modifying
the card file system
* Almost complete support for Cryptoflex 16k; implemented cryptoflex-tool
* Started writing some API documentation using Doxygen
* Much improved object handling code in PKCS #15 framework
* Lots of bugs fixed, lots of new ones introduced
New in 0.4.0; 2001-12-29; Juha Yrjölä:
* Finished migrating to Autotools
* Rewritten ASN.1 decoder (should work better on all PKCS #15 cards)
* Abstracted card handling, so adding support for new cards is a whiz,
'opensc-tool -D' will list all installed drivers.
* Added colored debug and error output ;)
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Support for Swedish Posten eID cards
* Added very preliminary support for EMV compatible cards and Multiflex
cards by Schlumberger
New in 0.3.5; 2001-12-15; Juha Yrjölä:
* Now compiles with C++
* Added card reset detection
* Fixed PIN code changing
* Improved certificate caching
New in 0.3.2; 2001-11-27; Juha Yrjölä:
* Converted to Autotools.