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$Id: README.CVS,v 1.3 1999/07/01 18:00:16 he Exp $
From version 0.0.11, eftp4linux is added to the isdn4linux cvs
repository. This will allow bug fixes to be faster distributed. It
will also increase availability.
As long as it is considered alpha, it will only appear in the isdn4k-utils
configuration menu if the "CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL" option is set.
(Currently, it even will not appear in the menu at all because
eftp4linux is not added to the isdn4k-utils main config menu and
main makefile yet).
You can still cd to the eurofile subdirectory (as described in the
INSTALL file) and compile eftp4linux stand-alone, but you will not
inherit the isdn4k-utils main menu config options then.
As long as it is alpha, it also might not be included with the beta-releases
of the isdn4k-utils package. But in turn, stand-alone snapshots from
the eftp4linux package will contiune to be distributed from
However, not every change commited to cvs will be distributed on the
ftp server. Only when important changes (important new features or
important bug fixes) are present or when sufficiently
many less important changes have accumulated, a new stand-alone release
will be made.
How to get a new versions from the CVS server
If you already mirror the isdn4k-utils from the isdn4linux cvs server,
you don't need to do anything special. eftp4linux should appear in the
new eurofile subdirectory of the isdn4k-utils packages after your next
cvs update.
But you do not need to mirror the whole isdn4k-utils package just for
getting the most actual eftp4linux sources. eftp4linux will continue
to be installable stand-alone and it is sufficient to only mirror
the eftp4linux part of the isdn4linux CVS repository.
If you want to do so, type
cvs --version
from the shell. If this does not work (or the reported version number
is too low), you need to install cvs 1.8 or newer on your system.
Create a dirctory
mkdir ~/i4ldev
cd ~/i4ldev
Next, do a
cvs login
and enter an arbitray password if asked for. (csh or tcsh users need
to type the equivalent setenv command instead of export).
Initially check out the eurofile source tree by
cvs -z3 checkout isdn4k-utils/eurofile
If you later want to update your local copy, simply do
cd ~/i4ldev/isdn4k-utils/eurofile
cvs -z3 update -dP .
whenever you like. That's all. Type "make clean; make" to compile
the updated version.
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