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$Id: NEWS,v 1.10 2007/02/06 18:12:08 akorty Exp $
Version 1.92
SECURITY FIX: The allow_blank_passphrase option was defeatable simply
by entering a random but non-blank passphrase. Thanks to Rob
Henderson for the report.
Version 1.91
Don't allow blank passphrases by default. Add option
allow_blank_passphrase to re-enable them. Thanks to red0x for the
Version 1.9
Code cleanup release. Updated OpenSSH compatibility code to 3.7.1p2.
Updated for newer Autoconf and Automake. Plus we use Autoheader now.
Version 1.8
This version is more portable about the way it juggles user IDs when
starting the agent. As a result, it works on Linux systems. Also,
it tries to run as the user rather than root as much as possible.
Other portability changes were made--pam_ssh should now work on
Mac OS X systems.
Version 1.7
Mark R V Murray of the FreeBSD project wrote a manual page, which we
now include in the distribution.
We now use Automake, Autoconf, and Libtool. I think a guy named Trey
donated most of the Autoconf logic, which I probably ended up marring
beyond recognition. Trey, if you're out there, drop me another note
so I can give you proper credit.
In this version we fixed a bunch of bugs and added support for OpenPAM
and pam_std_option(), all thanks to FreeBSD. The OpenSSH code has
been updated to 3.4p1.
Version 1.6
Only one agent is started per user per host. Thanks to
<> for this idea. Each agent has an associated file
with environment data (.ssh/agent-<hostname>). When a concurrent
session is started, the session phase need only pass this environment
data to the application rather than starting a new agent and adding
the keys. A filename (.ssh/agent-<host>-<tty> or
.ssh/agent-<host>-<display>) is hard linked to this environment file
for each session to keep a reference count of the number of sessions
using the agent. Only when the count drops to zero is the agent
Added keyfiles option to specify which key files to use for
authentication. Only these keys will be given to the agent in the
session phase.
Updated OpenSSH code to version 2.9p2.