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Basically the Authen::SASL module gathers some info. When ->client_new
is called the plugin is called to create a $conn object. At that point
it should query the Authen::SASL object for mechanisms and callbacks
Properties are then set on the $conn object by calling $conn->property
Then client_start is called
Currently client_start returns the mechanism name and the initial
string, but I am thinking about changing that to just the initial
string. The mecanism is avaliabe via a method call anyway.
Then we call client_step with a challenge string to get a response
Quite simple really I think.
So the plugin just needs to support
property # set/get for properties
mechanism # returns the name of the chosen mechanism
service # the service name passed to client_new
host # the hostname passed to client_new
properties and callbacks are passed by name, so you will need to convert
them to numbers.
There are three types of call back
user => 'fred'
When the user callback is called, it will just return the string 'fred'
user => \&subname
When the user callback is called, &subname will be called and it will
be passed the $conn object as the first argument.
user => [ \&subname, 1, 2, 3]
When the user callback is called, &subname will be called. It will be passed
the $conn object, followed by all other values in the array
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