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Although the Net::LDAP module was originally written by Graham Barr it
has grown far beyond initial expectations and scope. In fact it has gone
far beyond a lot of things.
As Net::LDAP has grown into the perl-ldap distribution credit can no
longer be given to any single individual, but instead belongs to a
group of people who have contributed. Some more than others, but whos
counting :)
To give due honor to those who have made perl-ldap what is is today, here
are some of the people who have contributed, either in code, documentaion
or just ideas/feedback. If I have missed anyone, please let me know.
Graham Barr <>
Russell Fulton <>
Rusty Biggs <>
Clif Harden <>
Chris Ridd <>
Mark Wilcox <>
Robbie Allen <>
Bryan Thale <>
Jim Harle <>
Kurt D. Zeilenga <>
Simon Wilcox <>
Kartik Subbarao <>
Norbert Klasen <>
David Faltermier <>
Ziya Suzen <>
Damon Brodie <>
Peter Marschall <>
Paul David Fardy <>
Derik Pates <>
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