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NEWS for OpenSC -- History of user visible changes
Please also see doc/WhatsNew.html or
Also see the svn changelog using svn command
or doc/ChangeLog.
New in 0.11.1; 2006-05-30; Andreas Jellinghaus
* Fix version variable in win32 build files
* Update for piv pkcs#15 emulation
* Improved TCOS driver for Uni Giesen Card
* Handle size_t printf with "%lu" and (unsigned long) cast
* Add support for d-trust cards / improve micardo 2.1 driver
New in 0.11.0; 2006-05-01; Andreas Jellinghaus
* compile fixes/improvements for windows
* document pkcs15-tool --unblock-pin option
* remove old and outdated documentation
* use "%lu" format for printf of size_t
* add piv driver and tool by Douglas E. Engert
* new threadding code in pkcs11 module
* renamed "etoken" driver to "cardos", as it really is a generic
driver for Siemens CardOS M4, including but not limited to Aladdin eTokens.
* add code to maange unused space
* support for swedish nidel cards
New in 0.10.1; 2006-01-08; Andreas Jellinghaus
* use sc_print_path everywhere.
* silence many warnings.
* add incrypto34 driver by ST Incard, Giuseppe Amato
* improved TCOS driver by Peter Koch
* better PINPAD handling
* updated infocamere driver
* updated opensc.conf with new default values
* fix firefox problems (no real fix, only ugly workaround)
* add cardos M4.2 support
New in 0.10.0; 2005-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus
* released rc2 without changes.
* Add more documentation, fix man page installtion.
* New generic ATR/card matching code with
atrmask support, used by all card drivers.
* Much improved and unified ATR handling in
the configuration file.
* Support for the next generation FinEID cards
with ISO/IEC 7816-15 data layout.
* Preliminary code merge with the Belgian
Belpic EID project.
* Experimental multi-slot support for CT-API
and dynamic loading support for win32.
Thanks to Bernhard Froehlich <>
* Experimental Class 2 pinpad reader support
via TeleTrust compatible PC/SC interface.
* Fixed OpenSSL behaviour in the configure
* PKCS#15 emulation layer improvements and
a new driver for the Italian postecert
* New API documentation and generic documentation
structure renovation to base future work on.
Many thanks to Bert Vermeulen <>
* Spanish manual translation from opensc-ceres
project merged.
* Several memory leaks and other bugs fixed.
New in 0.9.6; 2005-04-25; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* undo user_content changes to retain compatibility with 0.9.4.
* add solaris/ files for easier installation on solaris.
* require automake 1.5
* free() fixes in some card drivers.
* fix autoconf configure code.
New in 0.9.5; 2005-01-11; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Big rewrite of the autoconf code for openssl. This fixes bugs on Mac OS X
and we hope it doesn't break any other system. Feedback is very welcome.
* The flags object attribute changed to a bitfield.
* Many small bugfixes, including memory leaks.
* Changes to the etoken and gpk profiles to eleminate overlapping file ids.
* pinpad code by Martin Paljak
* add user_consent parameter to pkcs15emu add object/add prkey functions.
* estid provide user_consent parameter.
* add fflush to pkcs11-spy.c
* set version in, src/pkcs11/pkcs11-global.c,
win32/version.rc and src/include/winconfig.h
New in 0.9.4; 2004-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Library version was broken in 0.9.3.
* Update library version to 1:0:0, as we are no longer
compatible with the 0:*:* line, I fear.
New in 0.9.3; 2004-10-31; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* Fix some LDFLAGS/LDADD issues for parallel build.
New in 0.9.2; 2004-07-24; Andreas Jellinghaus:
* This is an beta test version. Please be careful.
Do not use in production environments.
* Fix sslengine, link those dynamically with libcrypto
for openssl 0.9.7d and later.
* Fixed small bug in pkcs11-tool
* Link pkcs11-tool and pkcs15-crypt with -lcrypto
* New driver for estonian ID card.
* Bumped version number to opensc 0.9.2
* New card supported: Oberthur AuthentIC v5
* Pam_opensc's eid module now checks permissions,
and supports several certificates in
Thanks to Fritz Elfert <>
* Upgrade library version to 0.9, since incompatible changes
are very likely somewhere.
* Merged several pkcs15 profiles into one with different
New in 0.8.1; 2003-09-30; Olaf Kirch:
* Upgrade libopensc versioning, hasn't been
accidently upgraded since 0.6.0 release
* MacOS X specific changes:
- Allow to compile without PC/SC support
- Bundle installation fixes
- OpenSSL engine linking fixed
- Renamed OpenSC PKCS#11.bundle to
- CT-API module loading support
* libopensc:
- Renamed sysdep_timestamp_t to sc_timestamp_t
- Renamed debug/error functions to sc_debug/sc_error
- Don't DER-en/decode the data in a pkcs15 object
- Portability fixes for the OpenCT reader driver
* libscconf: Fixed CRLF parsing for UNIX platforms
* Added PKCS#11 spy module by Mathias Brossard
* Other minor bug/build fixes and cleanups
New in 0.8.0; 2003-08-15; Juha Yrjölä:
* New and/or improved card drivers:
Aladdin eToken, MICARDO 2 and STARCOS
* New reader driver: OpenCT (Olaf's framework)
* Improved support for win32 and MacOS X.
* PKCS #11 stuff improved massively
* Added PKCS #11 and native OpenSC engine drivers
for OpenSSL
* Added support for reading the PIN from the PIN keypad
of a reader
* New manpages
* Loads of other improvements and bug-fixes
New in 0.7.0; 2002-06-03; Juha Yrjölä:
* Support for config files
* Yet another PKCS #15 generation rewrite
* PAM module rewritten for more flexibility and compatibility
* OpenSC Signer merged to the main source tree
* CT-API support
* Support for non-native RSA and DSA keys
* Improved support for MioCOS cards by Miotec (
* Semi-working support for Aladdin eToken PRO
* First version to work with OpenSSH without any patching
New in 0.6.1; 2002-03-20; Juha Yrjölä:
* Fixed certificate downloading in pkcs15-init
* Improved PKCS #11 module, so it works with Mozilla 0.9.9 and
is capable of signing and decrypting mails in Netscape
* Other various small fixes and improvements
New in 0.6.0; 2002-03-13; Juha Yrjölä:
* Many, many new features -- too many to list here
* New cards supported: Gemplus GPK family, TCOS 2.0, MioCOS
* Implemented a card reader abstraction layer
* PKCS #15 generation rewritten by Olaf Kirch. So far generation
is supported only on GPK and Cryptoflex.
New in 0.5.0; 2002-01-24; Juha Yrjölä:
* PKCS #15 generation support
* PKCS #11 module almost completely rewritten
* Implemented opensc-explorer; a tool for browsing and modifying
the card file system
* Almost complete support for Cryptoflex 16k; implemented cryptoflex-tool
* Started writing some API documentation using Doxygen
* Much improved object handling code in PKCS #15 framework
* Lots of bugs fixed, lots of new ones introduced
New in 0.4.0; 2001-12-29; Juha Yrjölä:
* Finished migrating to Autotools
* Rewritten ASN.1 decoder (should work better on all PKCS #15 cards)
* Abstracted card handling, so adding support for new cards is a whiz,
'opensc-tool -D' will list all installed drivers.
* Added colored debug and error output ;)
* Fixed some memory leaks
* Support for Swedish Posten eID cards
* Added very preliminary support for EMV compatible cards and Multiflex
cards by Schlumberger
New in 0.3.5; 2001-12-15; Juha Yrjölä:
* Now compiles with C++
* Added card reset detection
* Fixed PIN code changing
* Improved certificate caching
New in 0.3.2; 2001-11-27; Juha Yrjölä:
* Converted to Autotools.
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