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OpenSC documentation is now maintained in our online wiki at
and a copy in html format is provided in the doc/ directory
with all releases or snapshots of OpenSC in tar.gz files.

Please take a look at the documentation before trying to
install OpenSC. Most important are the pages
A short introduction what OpenSC is and how it fits into the big picture. 

What is new, what has changed since the last major release? 
Also see this section for a list of incompatibilities.

Short list: libopensc is now version 2.0.0, i.e. you need to
recompile applications using opensc. And all libraries and
the module moved from lib/pkcs11/ or lib/opensc/
to simply lib/. That fixes a number of problems, but you might
need to change some configuration.

What your operating system needs to have for OpenSC to work. 

How to compile and install OpenSC yourself. 

installation and basic steps to initialize a blank smart card. 

options when using OpenSC. 

Also check the specific pages of the smart cards or crypto tokens you want
to use. If you have any trouble the MailingLists page will tell you how
to contact us for help.

Regards, the OpenSC Team.
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