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  1. marscoin marscoin Public

    Marscoin source tree

    C++ 38 18

  2. electrum-mars electrum-mars Public

    Forked from pooler/electrum-ltc

    Electrum-mars Marscoin wallet

    Python 5

  3. coinpunk coinpunk Public

    Forked from kyledrake/coinpunk

    Open source, self-hosted DIY Bitcoin wallet service

    JavaScript 1 1

  4. coinkit coinkit Public

    Forked from stacks-network/pybitcoin

    Keypair, Address, Brain Wallet & Deterministic Wallet Creation for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

    Python 1

  5. Marssight-api Marssight-api Public

    Forked from pembo210/Litesight-api

    A Marscoin blockchain API for web wallets

    JavaScript 1 1

  6. loafwallet-ios loafwallet-ios Public

    Forked from breadwallet/breadwallet-ios

    The iOS version of the LoafWallet SPV Wallet from the Litecoin Foundation

    Swift 1


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