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JS Book Search (Alpha)

This is a book search application that uses the CampusBooks API for searching and price comparison.

It is designed in such a way that you should be able to just drop it in to your existing site without much configuration.

View the demo


The build script runs using Node.js.

  1. Install Node.js and NPM.
  2. From the command line cd build
  3. Install the required dependencies npm install
  4. Build it node build.js

There will now be a dist directory in the root of the project. There are full and minimized versions of both the CSS and JS files.


To use in your page simply include the relevant CSS and JS files, as well as the jQuery library, and run:

BookSearch.init({container:'#bookSearchJS', apiKey:'#######'});

where container can be a CSS selector or a DOMNode object.

The only other requirement is the container must be positioned. So if you are only using width and height to define its size, just add position:relative to its CSS style, otherwise the app will fill the entire browser window.

You can use the index.html file in the dist directory as an example.

Configuration Options

There aren't many configuration options, but I intend to add more in the future.

All options are set as properties to the object that is passed in to the init method.


  • container CSS selector or DOMNode
  • apiKey your campus books api key


  • bookImageSmall int value of small book image max width and height
  • bookImageLarge int value of large book image max width and height

CSS Configuration

In the future I'll try and make the CSS file easier to modify things like colors and sizes. Most colors are defined at the top as variables, but if you want to make further modifications you'll have to dig deeper.