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GoogleAPIs localizer

What the heck is this?

Don't trust google? Common javascripts are often loaded from a content delivery network (CDN) at google, meaning google knows when you request a file. If you dont want this, you can redirect the to your localhost.

Doing this may break website you visit, so use at your own risk! I am not responsible for any broken websites or transactions that may occur should you use this technique.


  1. Pow web server ( Any other web server will probably do as well.
  2. GlimmerBlocker ( You can also choose your own contect modifying proxy server
  3. Local copy of the files hosted on google's CDN (this script)


  1. Create a directory somewhere on your computer

     mkdir ~/path/to/my/directory/googleapis
  2. Pull the source

     git clone
  3. Run the bash script to pull down the supported scripts

     bash ./
  4. Link the directory to Pow

     cd ~/.pow
     ln -s ~/path/to/my/directory/googleapis googleapis

    Google Api's are now available at

  5. Configure GlimmerBlocker. Import the included filter, subscribe to the one hosted here:, or manually create the filter.

  6. Enjoy!

How it works

The GlimmerBlocker filter modifies any request to and attempts to retrieve the requested file from GlimmerBlocker then send the contents of the file back to your browser as if it has come from the real


  1. Fix my crappy bash scripting
  2. Figure out how to get HTTPS to work
  3. Complete implementation of all googleapis
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