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A repo for holding teensy xbee based transceiver designs
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This repository contains a library and example code for building XBee wireless links between two entities.

alt text The hamburger bot

alt text The dual drive robot

Repository contents

  • Documentation -- Mostly spreadsheets for keeping track of program data and calculations
  • DualDriveBot -- Robot and controller code for the dual two-wheeled bot and analog controller
  • HamburgerBot -- Robot and controller code for the hamburger shaped bot
  • uCPacketClass -- Arduino library that covers a serial link to provide consistant structures between two microcontrollers.

Library requirements

The robots rely on uCModules to deal with time. Install to libraries directory or manually add timerModule32.h, timerModule32.cpp, timeKeeper.h, and timeKeeper.cpp to the sketches where necessary.

Analog controller, 4 wheeled robot using teensy 3.1s (DualDriveBot)

  • Client sends (X,Y) data on both sticks, button data and calculates polar locally for the debug window
  • Host receives (X,Y) data and calculates polar
  • Host returns packet containing diagnostic information
  • Client has a menu through the OLED that can show debug info
  • Fail-safe mechanism implemented. Turns off in about 1 second.
  • Hardware:
    • SerialClientControllerOLED - Teensy 3.2, XBee, XBee breakout, MicroOLED, Analog sticks, lipos, powercell
    • SerialHostTeensy32Robot - Teensy 3.2, Xbee, XBee breakout, SCMD

Digital controller, 2 wheeled robot (HamburgerBot)

  • Client sends button data in a structure over uCPacketClass
  • Host has state machine to determine how to handle the input
  • Green LED indicates front of bot, button swaps front for back on the controls.
  • Hardware:
    • SerialHostHamburgerBot - Teensy LC, XBee, Serial controlled motor driver v2.0, two WS2812s, SCMD
    • SerialClientControllerDigital8Button - Teensy LC, XBee, 8 buttons wired to GPIO
  • Uses uCPacketClass
  • Controller (Client) packs button states into a byte which is in a structure.
  • Robot (Host) interprets data in packet as IO pins through use of a modified PanelClass, a library that handles button and panel object states.

uCPacketClass library

See for details.

To use, copy /uCPacketClass to your arduino libraries, or copy the contents of /uCPacketClass/src to your project.

Library Status

ExampleRobotCode Status

  • Library functions in a basic mode.
  • TODO: Write batch serial operation code
  • TODO: Provide a method for including packet ID for struct type

This is released under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Please consider contributing back to this library or others to help the open-source hardware community continue to thrive and grow!

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