A plugin for Plex media server to allow streaming of Twitch.tv live streams.
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A plugin for Plex Media Server to allow streaming of Twitch.tv live streams across your home network. You can select from a list of Twitch's featured streams, streams filtered by game and from searching for a stream by keyword.


Note: If you encounter a "File not found" or "Failed to open source" error when attempting to play a stream, please install Fix-Twitch.tv-Plex-Plugin located at https://github.com/pencil/Fix-Twitch.tv-Plex-Plugin

Once this fix gets applied to the JustinTV service handler located in Services.bundle this extra plugin will not be needed but, since the Services.bundle loads before this plugin, we cannot override the service handler to correct it in this plugin.

Download a copy of the code from: https://github.com/pejoo/Twitch.tv-Plex-Plugin/zipball/master

Extract the zip file then copy the Twitch.tv.bundle to your Plex Media Server's Plugins folder

  • Windows: C:\Users%USER%\Appdata\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/

The Twitch.tv video channel should begin appearing on your Plex Media Server now.

If you find any bugs, please submit them as issues to this GitHub project and I will look into them as soon as I can.