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Code Challenge


  • node.js
  • npm
  • gulp (installed globally)

To run:

$ git clone
$ cd code-challenge
$ npm install
$ gulp

View on Chrome at: http://localhost:8080

Created to solve:

Use your favorite in-browser, plugin-free* approach to visualize a solution for the following problem:

Consider a checker board of unknown size. On each square is an arrow that randomly points either up, down, left, or right. A checker is placed on a random square. Each turn the checker moves one square in the direction of the arrow. Create an algorithm that determines if the checker moves off the edge of the board.

The solution should

  • Use Javascript
  • Visualize the solution in-browser
  • Include simple UI to start/stop/reset the visualization
  • Use a package manager to manage dependencies
  • Use gitHub to deliver the solution
  • Bonus: Use WebAudio to enhance the visualization