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Nested field is not being validated correctly #188

juanrossi opened this Issue Apr 6, 2015 · 6 comments


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juanrossi commented Apr 6, 2015

Hello, I'm using marshmallow as a validation and marshalling library. In some validation classes I use Nested field.

Part of my test suite tests that the validations are returning the corrected error when some unexpected data is sent. If I try to send a string to a Nested field I get an exception:

marshmallow/fields.pyc in deserialize(self, data, fields_dict, many, validators, preprocess, postprocess, strict, dict_class)
    283                     continue
    284                 key = fields_dict[attr_name].attribute or attr_name
--> 285                 raw_value = data.get(attr_name, missing)
    286                 if raw_value is missing and not field_obj.required:
    287                     continue

AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'get'

The example code I'm using to replicate this error is:

from marshmallow import Schema, fields, validate

class ValidateClass(Schema):
    item = fields.Nested('NestClass', many=True, required=True)

class NestClass(Schema):
    item1 = fields.Integer(required=True, validate=validate.Range(min=2, max=24))
    item2 = fields.String(required=True, validate=validate.Length(min=0))

ValidateClass().load({'item': 'a'})

I also tried adding a validator to item field where I check that I'm receiving a valid list of objects, but it's still raising the exception.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


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sloria commented Apr 8, 2015

Nested objects are expected to be a dictionaries; you are passing a string. The following would be valid according to your ValidateClass:

{'item': [{'item1': 2, 'item2': 'foo'}]}

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juanrossi commented Apr 8, 2015

As a dictionary works great, but what I'm trying to do is break the validation.

If someone sents me an invalid value I should handle it, shouldn't it receive an error similar to the one int returns if you send a string?

from marshmallow import Schema, fields

class Test(Schema):
    test_int = fields.Integer(required=True)

print Test().load({'test_int': 'value'}).errors

# Returns {'test_int': [u"invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'value'"]}

Maybe we should return something similar with an error in errors dict, what do you think?


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sloria commented Apr 9, 2015

@juanrossi . I agree; a validation error should be raised if an invalid type is passed to a Nested field.

Pull requests welcome!


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juanrossi commented Apr 9, 2015



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sloria commented Apr 19, 2015

@juanrossi I implemented a very simple fix in 20c1128. Is this enough to meet your use case and close the issue?


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juanrossi commented Apr 20, 2015

@sloria Thanks! It's working great.

If I found any similar case that is not working correctly I'll reopen the issue.

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